Do You Recognize the Burglar in This Home Security Video?




Neighbor Daniel shared these security camera stills that show a burglar in the process of trying to rob his home on Holladay:

I wanted our community to be aware of a home burglar. These photos were captured at 3:47 am Friday, Dec 13 inside my house. This guy jimmied my front lock and went in to my garage. He did not take anything, but he saw he was being filmed and left. I live on Holladay. It’s that time of year when people get burglarized, so if anyone sees this guy they should phone the police.

Let’s zoom and enhance to get a better look at the intruder:


If you recognize the burglar shown here, please contact the SFPD Ingleside Station at 415) 404-4000 to help bring him to justice.

26 thoughts on “Do You Recognize the Burglar in This Home Security Video?

  1. Its apparent to me a lot of these types of crimes happen between 2:00am and 5:00am. Can’t we ask Ingleside to please step up there patrols in our neighborhood. PLEASE!

  2. i saw two guys coming down on bikes with big backpacks from bonview to stoneman/coso on friday. one of the guys looked a lot like this guy. he had a black hoodie on. i thought it was weird, b/c 1) it’s a hard climb to get up there 2) bonview is a dead end street and 3) their back packs were huge.

  3. My garage was also broken into last Tue or Wed middle of the night. They jimmied the lock and stole my Fender strat, an amp, power tools, and 2 bikes. Very upset about this but no recovery.

  4. Sorry that this guy came around and I hope that he’s caught soon. That said, I must say he fits perfectly into my mental stereotype of a professional burglar… lean, angular and shifty-eyed, wearing a black hoodie and soft-soled sneakers. In D&D, he would be Level 5.

  5. Beware! We had a recent break-in at our home in Bernal. At first we thought they just stole some bike and computers, but we later came to realize that they stole a lot of financial documents from our home office. Identity fraud, anyone?

  6. So what are folks doing to protect their homes?
    Surveillance cameras that save to network video recorder?
    Home security systems arming windows, doors, sliding doors?

  7. I think having good lighting at night makes a big difference. If your house has motion lights then people won’t spend a lot of time trying to break in. They go for dark houses usually i think.

  8. I think this same guy has tried (unsuccessfully) to get into our home on Prentiss Street twice, once on 9/26 at 3:23 A.M. and once again 11/26 at 2:35 A.M. I have him captured on video however the clarity is not as good as the pictures in this post the Daniel submitted. I had the police come out and take copies of the video on both occasions. First case number is 103868920 and the second case number is 131001547. I assume that Daniel has filed a police report. If so, my two police reports should be cross referenced so if they ever catch this guy……. I still have copies of both of my videos, so if anyone else is interested in seeing them please let me know. (415) 596-4795

  9. BTW, In addition to the camera I have in the front of my home, I also have motion sensor lights. All of the lights came on as this guy approached on each occasion. Made no difference to him and did not ever slow him down, just could not manage to jimmy my gate open.

  10. With my sliding bolt lock on garage door I put a padlock thru hole at end of bolt so now bolt is prevented from sliding open even if lock is picked .
    Also put 2×4 in door framing so door can’t be lifted .
    Wish I’d done so b4 last week.

  11. A lot of these comments ring true…These type of crimes “do” occur around 2:00 AM – 5:00 AM. I have reason to believe that these groups of criminals, roam the streets of BH going through our cars to see what they can steal. Maybe a garage remote, small electronics, money, or small valuables left in ones vehicle. One night my spouse left the car door unlocked, & the thief lifted a checkbook, and a coat.

    Right away my spouse closed the checkbook account, due to the thief. But page forward three months we get a call from Oakley Cops saying that this perp was using my name on a checking account, and was arrested for ID Theft. This person lived in the San Joaquin Valley, but had gotten arrested in Oakley!?!? The perp had used my name on the checking account, and someone else’s LD number, and the DA wanted me to come all the way out the San Joaquin Valley there to testify against the perp!

    Long story short, I didn’t have to go out to the Central Valley, because someone else testify against the individual, but ugh!

  12. This looks EXACTLY like the same guy who tried to break into our house and successfully broke into several neighbors along Richland and Park Streets last May. He stole tools from several garages. Our dogs caught him at our place and we chased him off. Our neighbors saw him jump on a bike and ride away. We called the cops and filed a report. He came BACK two hours later and tried to break into our next door neighbor’s place (we think he had actually stashed some stuff after we surprised him the first time and was circling back to get it). Again, our dogs alerted us and we ran him off. A few minutes later, he rode by in a white panel van then smiled and waved at us. We filed a police report as did several of our neighbors. I hope to heck they catch this guy. We’ve installed lights and locks for the first time in 20 years. The best thing we learned (besides dogs are awesome): It’s nice to know all of your neighbors. For example, the hulky 25 year old neighbor with friends who roll up at 1am for the start of a night out or sometimes crank music in their cars too early in the morning — it was THOSE guys who saw this creep sneak out of our yard and they gave chase. And it was those neighborhood good guys who were still up at 330am to run out into the street a second time, then stick around to give a report to the cops with us. There is a lot of talk about Old Bernal vs. New Bernal on this site that is sometimes a bummer. Old & New, my block is a bunch of people who all want to live here and be safe here. Peace.

    • With all due respect, and i’m totally on board with throwing this guy into jail, I don’t think you could confidently say that anyone looks EXACTLY like the guy in the surveillance photos above because the photo resolution really isn’t good enough.

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  14. Hello Bernalwood,

    I wanted to let you know that this weekend, someone broke into my apartment building on Cortland avenue and stole several bikes from all residents of the building. They got in on both Saturday and Sunday nights stealing 4 the first night and 1 the second night. We’re beefing up our security but wanted to let the community know about it. Do you know if any progress was made in the case you wrote about in Bernalwood? I wonder if it could be the same burglar. Do you know the case number so I could reference it when calling the police?

    Thanks in advance, Mirit

  15. With all due respect, and i’m totally on board with throwing this guy into jail, I don’t think you could confidently say that anyone looks EXACTLY like the guy in the surveillance photos above because the photo resolution really isn’t good enough.

  16. We’re on Mission near Highland. Our garage was broken into on at least two separate occasions this month, most recently on 12/25 or 12/26. All told, we lost two bikes and a lot of beer and wine. At first we thought we had simply misplaced or moved some items so didn’t pay much attention. It wasn’t until after the 2nd, larger hit that we put it all together. Check your garages for signs of small things missing.

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