Will Last Night’s Blackout Bequeath a Bernal Baby Boom?



Darkness fell on Eastern Precitaville last night, as a PG&E transformer bit the dust near the intersection of Alabama and Precita, causing a prolonged blackout.

The Bernalwood Action News Satellite Uplink Miata rushed to the scene to investigate, where a PG&E worker confirmed social-media reports that the outage may have been caused by an errant children’s balloon.

Neighbor Kent used the darkness as an opportunity to get cosmic…

… while Neighbor Sarah pondered other ways to keep busy:

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

3 thoughts on “Will Last Night’s Blackout Bequeath a Bernal Baby Boom?

  1. This affected western Precitaville as well – I live on the 100 block and came home to flashing clocks. Thankfully it was indeed a beautiful night!

  2. This likely explains the erroneous times displayed by our non-battery-powered clocks this morning, too. It would seem that the transformer affected some of us farther up the hill.

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