Hurry! Go See “First” by Bernal Playwright Evy Pine Before Nov. 10


Neighbor Laurie urges one and all to see the Bernal-born play that’s currently on stage at Stagewerx, depicting a day in the life of Bill Gates (before he was BILL GATES):

We went yesterday to see “First” at Stagewerx theater on Valencia Street to see Bernal resident Evelyn Jean Pine’s new play about the young Bill Gates and the dawn of the personal computer revolution.

Evy teaches writing at SF State and has been workshopping plays at different theaters for a few years, but this is her first fully-staged production. It’s an excellent production, with professional actors (Jeremy Kahn who plays Bill Gates is especially good) and a interesting lens for looking at the soul of the computer industry.

The run has been extended several times, but it is scheduled to end on November 10, so there’s still time for people to see it. Get your tickets right here.

CNET writes:

Anyone interested in events leading up to the PC revolution will likely enjoy reliving the era of leisure suits, punch cards, 27K memory, and software shared via computer tape. “First” is a lively and nostalgic step back in time, though a number of references, to software royalties and video game addiction (in this case the apocryphal title Thrill Hill), feel surprisingly current.

And then there was this item in Leah Garchik’s SF Chronicle column:

Leo Maselli was at a Stage Werx performance of “First,” which is about young Bill Gates, when he heard a man say to his companion, “I just tweeted Gates and told him to buy the screen rights to this play ASAP.”

Again, the play runs until Sunday, November 10, so get your tickets ASAP.

PHOTO: Jeremy Kahn as Bill Gates, via Stagewerx

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