Yarn-Bombed Doggie Heads Generate Bernal Wonder, Mystery


Last weekend, the Citizens of Bernalwood were aflutter about a most uncommon sight found in the upper reaches of Folsom on the north side of Bernal Hill: Three cartoon-mascot dog heads, yarn-bombed inside three colorful, hand-knit cozies.

The spectacle was such that it begged an obvious question: Whaaaaaaaaat?

Happily, this one is easy to answer. The dogs themselves are relics from the Bay Area’s late, lamented Doggie Diner restaurant chain. The three on the trailer are under the custodianship of a local literatus (and friend of Bernalwood), and they regularly show up at quirky events around town. Rule of thumb: Where the dogs appear, fun is near.

As we reported earlier this month, Bernal was once home to our very own Doggie Diner, on the corner of Mission and Army (Cesar Chavez), until it closed in the early 1980s. Bernal’s Doggie Diner head would have looked exactly like the ones you see on the back of this trailer.

Except for the yard-bombing, of course. The cozies are a recent addition, and they were created by Olek, a NYC-based yarn artist:

We’re excited to report that yarn artist Olek has crocheted over the Holy Trinity of the Dogminican Order, the three vintage Doggie Diner heads that are under the care of Laughing Squid partner John Law. John reports, “Olek wanted to work with a San Francisco icon. The Golden Gate Bridge wasn’t available this trip (the girl is AMBITIOUS so who knows…) but the second most iconic SF landmark(s) was!”

So why were the doggie heads weekending in Bernal? Who knows? Who cares? Just like Bigfoot or the Bikini Jogger, it’s best not to ask why. Instead, simply marvel and appreciate that the universe has seen fit to grace us with their curious presence.

PHOTO Neighbor Lisa Morehouse

8 thoughts on “Yarn-Bombed Doggie Heads Generate Bernal Wonder, Mystery

  1. I live a block from where the doggies normally live when they’re not traipsing around looking for fun times. When the doggies are missing and I don’t know about it, I have to search high and low to find out where the fun is.

    Ask John sometime about the cross-country trip where the doggies went to New York, and took a side trip to see the Mount Rushmore heads. There’s actually a documentary film out there about this historic trip.

    • How many John Laws could there be? Yeah, Suicide Club, Cacophony Society, Burning Man, and now a book all about Cacophony. For those who aren’t aware, he’s the ultimate prankster. We owe flash mobs, pillow fights, underwear days, all that stuff to John. Some say (I’m not saying, but some say…) that he may have had something to do with the Billboard Liberation Front, the group that improved billboards about town. If not, he certainly inspired them. He’s known to the cops on the Golden Gate Bridge for having gotten married up on one of the towers. He likes heights.

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