Thursday: Celebrate the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center’s 35th Birthday


Here’s something worth celebrating: The invaluable Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center is having a 35th birthday party on Thursday night, October 3, from 6-8 pm:

Since 1978, BHNC has worked to preserve and enhance ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity. And with your help, we will be a part of the community for years to come.

Come join us at LEGACY: 35 YEARS OF BUILDING COMMUNITY, Thursday, October 3rd, 6-8 pm, @ BHNC’s 515 Cortland Ave. building. This will be an evening of good friends, good food, music, and stories from people who have been key to BHNC’s success SINCE 1978!

Even if you can’t attend the party, you can still donate to help BHNC continue it’s mission.

PHOTO: The original BHNC crew from 1978, via BHNC.

4 thoughts on “Thursday: Celebrate the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center’s 35th Birthday

  1. Here we are, the hardworking neighbors celebrating our work on the Esmeralda playground and twin slide, Esmeralda & Winfield Streets, August or Sept. 1978. Honored to be head honcho on this project.

  2. Mike we were socialists back then there were no honchos 😉 And hey how come you look the same now as in the photo? #ManWhoFellToEarth …C U tonite! xoxoxo

  3. No kidding – Michael is older than I and still looks younger! I still remember building that park, Michael, and especially digging out the plateau. Great idea, old buddy. I’m still stiff.

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