Bernal Neighbor Tim Redmond Will Launch New Progressive News Site


Though he rarely brags about it, progressive journalist Tim Redmond and Bay Area media celebrity lives in Bernal Heights. For 31 years, Neighbor Tim edited the stalwart San Francisco Bay Guardian — until last June, when he parted ways with the Guardian’s new owners under rather unpleasant circumstances.

Since leaving the Guardian, Neighbor Tim has been conspiring to launch a new media project, which he finally revealed last week.

It’s called 48 Hills, and it has a mission statement:

Bernal. Potrero. San Miguel. Telegraph. There are 47 named hills in San Francisco – and as those of us who have spent their lives fighting for social and economic justice know, there’s always one more hill to climb.

That’s the genesis of 48hills, a new online publication that will report on, expose, and explore the ups and downs of a great city – the stories that don’t make the MSM, the adventures you’ve never heard of, the secrets of making this your home.

48hills will be a new kind of newspaper – the progressive daily that San Francisco has always needed. Not a blog, not a content aggregator, but a place where you can read original work by reporters and critics who know the city. Breaking news, analysis, investigative reporting, cutting-edge arts and culture … that’s 48hills.

We are a nonprofit venture, under the auspices of the San Francisco Progressive Media Center, with a community-based board and a mission to serve a city battered by evictions, displacement, and economic inequality. We are unafraid of controversy, proud of our politics, owned by no investors, driven not by profit but by a passion for journalism that matters.

According to the countdown timer on the site, 48 Hills plans to launch sometime around the end of October.

ILLUSTRATION: Tim Redmond Is Watching Downtown, via Bernalwood

7 thoughts on “Bernal Neighbor Tim Redmond Will Launch New Progressive News Site

  1. Tim, Thanks for carrying on your good work. You are what makes this City so great and I for one really appreciate you setting out to create yet another milestone in real journalism in our fair City by the Bay – real journalism so desperately needed! Count me in as a supporter and future financial contributor. Let us know when and where we can subscribe. Again, many, many thanks.

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