9 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Scenes from Cortland Avenue

  1. Wait, what? Pizza Express doesn’t actually own that building? I’ve long assumed that they were able to survive there because they didn’t have to pay market rent. Does this mean that people actually like PE?

    • My husband and I really like it, as do many of our friends who ask us to order it when they come over. Something about the garlic…don’t what or how, but it’s what works for us.

  2. We like PE too, but we have ventured out of the ‘hood a bit and found that Paxti’s, Little Star, The Sausage Factory, and sometimes Goat Hill Pizza all have outstanding pies!

  3. I overheard someone who worked there saying they moved because the rent was going to be raised and it was too high for them.

  4. Hah! I walked by the stop that morning on my way back from Martha’s and saw the big Monsters, Inc. stuffed guy on the ground behind the bench. I immediately realized that he needed to be on the bench waiting for the bus! Picked him up and put him and put him there. Awesome photo!

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