Bernal-Born Artist Creates Stylish Bernal Hill T-Shirt


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Bernalwood is a big fan of Amos Goldbaum’s wearable views of San Francisco. Plus, our sources tell us that he actually grew up in Bernal Heights (Fair Ave.) and that he still lives here (on Precita).

All that may help explain why Goldbaum created a brand-new design that depicts Bernal Hill. Amos tells Bernalwood:

I’ve wanted to do a Bernal shirt for a while, but couldn’t find the right angle. Finally I found an awesome view that showed the contour of the hill as well as the complexity of the streets traversing it. I wanted to include the Doggie Diner that used to be on Mission and (then) Army but the only picture I could find was the wrong angle. In the end, I drew the Doggie Diner head as a sort of apparition, just hanging out on Mission St.

Check out the detail:


Be the first on your block to get one, right here.

IMAGES: Amos Goldbaum Hat Tip: Neighbor David

10 thoughts on “Bernal-Born Artist Creates Stylish Bernal Hill T-Shirt

  1. I met Amos recently on Valencia, when I was stocking up on baby gifts. Alas, the Bernal view was not available yet, so I suppose I will just have to stock up some more.

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