Will Fairy Houses Fuel Next Bernal Heights Real Estate Boom?



Neighbor Tony spotted a rather attractive new subdivision nestled under a tree here in Bernal:

This morning, I spotted a nice house for a fairy family and maybe an elder fairy parent on Bernal Hill next the road that goes to the antenna complex.

If you look closely one can see the orange fairy dust at the entrances of the two of three houses, which of course means that the units are currently occupied. But if one calls Fairy House Realty, I think they could arrange a showing.

It seems this fairy family is taking advantage of the soaring real estate values in Bernal, and I say: Good for them!

PHOTOS: Neighbor Tony. Thanks also to Neighbor Charlie for the tip about this as well.

7 thoughts on “Will Fairy Houses Fuel Next Bernal Heights Real Estate Boom?

  1. The Fairy Housing market is set to blow up! As an expert in Fairy House Real Estate, I can confirm that Bernal Heights, being one the higher points in the city, is the ideal location between the Astral plane and the daily grind of creating mischief and wonder in the city.

  2. The wealthy fairies who bought that place last time used an FMI eviction to kick out the local community fairies who had charmed the hill since elven times – apparently it was cheaper than using traditional magic in this red hot fairy house market.

  3. It was two units on one lot, which they bought as a FIC. Amazingly, they won the condo conversion lottery, despite the fact that it was recently suspended for ten years.

  4. I would like to do a house swap. I have a beautiful house in Bali and there is lots of magic and spirits here that would love to meet some folks from the States.

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