Universe Provides Grateful Monument for Departing Yoga Teacher




Neighbor Matthew found this sweet little monument yesterday, high atop Bernal Hill on the west side. It says:

Gules, my long lost sister!

You are such a radiant little ball of energy. I felt that we already knew each other when we met, those giant green eyes and that beaming pure smile! You make me so happy little angel! I KNOW that this will not be the last time we meet each other. I also know that you will make an INCREDIBLE yoga teacher & Chinese Medicine Doctor one day. And if you ever decide you want to come to the U.S. & teach at whatever studio I’m at, you will ALWAYS be welcome to share your spirit.

Awwwww. That’s awesome.

Meanwhile, in other neighborhood news, this happened shortly after Neighbor Matthew found the Departing Yoga Teacher Monument on the western summit of Bernal Hill:


PHOTOS: Above, Neighbor Matthew

2 thoughts on “Universe Provides Grateful Monument for Departing Yoga Teacher

  1. It’s funny, the pink stone heart predates the note. I took a photo of my dog in the heart a week or two ago, which I just saw the note show up in the last day or two.

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