BUSTED! Bernal Marmot Captured After Savoring Sweet Taste of Freedom



Remember the Bernal Marmot? And remember the intensive effort to apprehend him/her in late June?

Well, you may also recall that Bernalwood never reported news of the marmot’s capture… because as far as we know the marmot was never caught.

Now, courtesy of Neighbor Leanne, we have these EXCLUSIVE photographs (shown above) of the Bernal marmot enjoying the sweet taste of freedom yesterday afternoon near Alvarado Elementary School.

Meanwhile, as if to taunt his pursuers, the Bernal Marmot suddenly became active again on Twitter:


However, there is a late-breaking wrinkle to the story: At 6 am this morning, a comment left on an earlier article about the Bernal Marmot indicated that the creature’s day’s of carefree urban living may have come to an end. Jane told Bernalwood:

He is safely in the custody of animal care and control now. He was captured last night at Alvarado school in Noe Valley.

UPDATE, 9:12 am, Aug 8: The @BernalMarmot has released this statement via Twitter:


PHOTOS: The Bernal Marmot, as seen by Neighbor Leanne on Aug. 7, 2013

9 thoughts on “BUSTED! Bernal Marmot Captured After Savoring Sweet Taste of Freedom

  1. We will miss you Murray the Marmot! We tried to capture you with bacon grease and kale but you were to smart for your friends at Upper Elsie.

  2. We named him Buster. He has been living in our backyard here in the Mission for about 2 1/2 weeks. We thought he was a big gofer. Wrong!! He was really tame. Well yesterday he decided to hitch a ride up to Noe Valley with my neighbor Carlos. After parking, he realized Buster had hitched a ride as he ran towards Alvarado school. We will miss him. I hope he does well back in the wild, he was so tame & friendly, sharing the backyard with a few feral cats that we feed. He loved apples!! He knew what time breakfast & dinner was.

  3. I’m picturing an operation involving SWAT teams from multiple jurisdictions, at least one mobile command post, helicopters circling with spotlights, and a huge steel cage on a flatbed truck.

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