How To iPlayDate: Bernal Neighbor Creates App to Connect Local Families with Kids



The Citizens of Bernalwood should be proud of our locavore technologists. They build many amazing things, many of which are inspired by local conditions. The newest piece of amazing locavore software is an iPhone/iPad app called KangaDo, which is a kind of hyperlocal personal organizer/social network  for parents. It was created by Neighbor Sara, who says:

I am a NW Bernal resident (Winfield Street since 1999), tech professional, and mom of 2 active boys (8 & 11). Now I’m also the co-founder of a mobile startup. Over the years I’ve tried pretty much all the different variations of working from home, part time, taking time off for the baby, working full time at the office, etc.… and I’ve concluded that the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” rings true. We love our Bernal village on the hill.

I’m excited to share our free, newly released iOS app: KangaDo. It’s designed to help busy parents connect with their  “village” of  friends and family in local communities. KangaDo makes it easy for busy parents and  trusted friends to instantly organize  kids’ activities – without the endless email trails and text messages.

Here’s how it works:

  • Find and connect with local parents/friends you trust.
  • Instantly set up playdates, childcare, carpools, or whatever you need. Offer your help if you can (eg. “Anybody need milk? I’m at the Good Life store..”)
  • Friends are notified via the app when friends send them messages or requests, and they are reminded of events or requests they have accepted. KangaDo with your iPhone’s calendar.
  • Share requests by email with friends outside the app.
  • Free texting, photo & location sharing.

Download it from the App Store.

Clever! Impressive! Very cool! Plus, it’s fun to imagine how we’d describe KangaDo at a pitch meeting for Bernal Heights venture capitalists:

“See, it’s kind of like Twitter goes to a yoga class with TripIt then bumps into Uber and the BernalHeightsParents mailing in the playground behind the Bernal library.”

There you go. Done deal.

10 thoughts on “How To iPlayDate: Bernal Neighbor Creates App to Connect Local Families with Kids

  1. Whatever became of just hanging out? I think people should be worried about putting too much activity into their days. I remember when I lost my software development job, I went traveling up the coast for a month, came back, and people began to tell me that i looked 10 years younger! I hadn’t realized how much stress I’d put into my life.

  2. Great idea, but with these types of apps my thoughts are always with how the developer is going to “monetize” the app. Generally, for a free app, they are either going to be sticking advertisements in your face, or mining the data you enter into the app (what you are doing, with whom, who you are connected to etc). So would love to know from the developer exactly how they are making money off this. I, for one, don’t mind looking at ads, but DO mind giving up my personal info for someone else’s gain.

    Sorry to be cynical, but these are the times we’re living in :-/

  3. Hi, I am the KangaDo developer quoted in the article. Those are legitimate questions about monetization. However, our mission is to make parents’ lives easier and give them a more efficient way to get help with their many tasks, from people or (in the future) providers they trust. Our business model is not currently based on advertising, and we certainly do not intend nor plan to sell personal data! Rather, we plan to add paid services in the future (for example childcare). I hope this helps address your question.

    • Hi, that’s another great question.
      In a nutshell :
      * KangaDo has been called a “Collaborative Taskrabbit for parents.” The app helps parents connect with people they trust – to chat and get things done (carpools, childcare, or anything else – not just playdates). The app can sync with your iPhone calendar, and keeps you posted throughout the task lifecycle : task requested, task accepted, people reminded, task completed, friend thanked. KangaDo is available for download nationwide, as well as internationally (English only, for now).
      * RedRover helps parents find kid-friendly events and activities to do with your child. The last time I looked, the app was available in the SF Bay Area, the NYC area, and Atlanta. I believe they plan to add more cities.

      I hope this answers your question. Feel free to let me know if I can clarify further!

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