Trendspotting City Blog Discovers That Bernal Is For Lovers


As Citizens of Bernalwood, we all know that Bernal Heights is for lovers. It’s been our little romantic secret.

Well, now every starry-eyed Millennial from The Marina to Capp Street knows it too, thanks to a recent listicle on the SFist blog that documents “10 Best Unique Dates in SF.”

Bernal Hill was second on the list (right behind that vista at Land’s End):

Bernal Hill
The top of the hill in Bernal Heights is an unsung gem of the city. And given that it takes some travel to get there, and is decidedly more off the beaten path than, say, Twin Peaks, makes it an ideal makeout spot, especially on a clear and non-windy night. We’d suggest bringing along some mulled wine, or port, or a nice Chianti.

Mulled wine? Nice Chianti? Is that what the kids are calling it these days??

On the bright side, Bernal locals know those recommended “clear and non-windy nights” are actually rather unusual, and that gusty exposure and oceanic chill are hardly conducive to amorous enthusiasm the rest of the time.

So the Citizens of Bernalwood probably need not fear this SFist item will trigger the arrival of  Chianti-swilling youth hordes seeking a chic, secluded place to consummate their Bang With Friends hookups.

At least not yet.

PHOTO: by Dyche

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