Hidden Part of Bernal Heights Looks Oddly Like Rural France


Last year, Bernalwood showed you a secret part of Bernal Heights that actually looks a lot like Alabama.

Now, in the photo above, Neighbor Ed Brownson captured a secret part of Bernal Heights that actually looks a lot like rural France. And the funny thing is, the Alabama-like place and this France-like place are only a few hundred yards apart.

And where are these mysterious Bernal places that look sort of like Alabama and sort of like rural France, right here in the heart of San Francisco?

Let the Guess Where Games begin.

PHOTO: Ed Brownson

21 thoughts on “Hidden Part of Bernal Heights Looks Oddly Like Rural France

    • Rode my old 500 street bike on that by accident, luckily kept it upright. Glad I did it before she gets paved.

  1. that’s one of the best ways to traverse the hill from NE side to Cortland. I ride my bike that way. The hill at the end is steeep!

  2. todd, I appreciate that you love bernal as much as us, but some things are better left unpublicized. why on earth would you want a bunch of folks trudging up to the end of Nevada where it hits bernal hts street on the south side of the hill? I don’t tell folks about the best hiking trails in the mountains for the same reason. Please resist your natural urge to reveal cool stuff, please.

    • I’m a trail runner too and I live on the North slope. I run the hill regularly but stick to the road. Other than the trails that traverse the top I can’t seem to find much. Are there other “hidden” trails? When I run trails I usually go to the Headlands.

      • san Bruno mountain offers a headlands-esque experience w/o all the drive and summer traffic. It is a stunner of a county park! drive to the top and do the out-and-back 2 mile ridge trail for a nice 4 mile run.

        see ya there!

  3. The last dirt road in SF!!! right next to south side of Bernal Hill. I think it’s part of Mayflower St

  4. Brings up a question I would like to ask since one comment was from a bicycle rider. What is the easiest way to get to Cortland from the North side, e.g. from Precita park and alabama, by bike. Perhaps our blog guru could make an inquiry…..

  5. Der Bernalwood– This delightful house is located just below Bernal Heights Blvd. on the south slope, on a dirt road which can be reached by a set of stairs down from Bernal Heights Blvd. or up a really steep street above Chapman. It’s agreat walk when you want to feel you’re in the country and not leave the neighborhood. Keep up the good work. Kathy Kaiser 201 Elsie St.

  6. For those who like the guess where, many hours of fun are in store on the flickr Guess Where San Francisco Game

    A kaleidoscope of butterflies
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