Do You Recognize This Bernal Boot Bandit?


Neighbor Orlando lives on the north side of the hill, in the upper elevations of Folsom Street. Last week, he left a pair of Red Wing work boots on his front stoop overnight. In the morning, they were gone.

When Neighbor Orlando went back to review his security camera logs, he found footage of the gentleman shown above removing the boots from the front stoop a little before 4 am. Quite understandably, this made Neighbor Orlando angry:

The other day at the early hours of dawn my leather boots got stolen from my front door. I’ve had them for ten years, and they were made of the finest cow hide that Red Wing stocks for their specialized work boots.

Here is a picture of the incident. Has anyone seen this guy? Our neighbors should be aware that he is making late night/early morning rounds. And moral of the story is, don’t leave any strollers, shoes, jackets or anything out at night. It will disappear.

Grrrrr. Totally sucks. Anyone recognize the shoe burglar in the photo?

11 thoughts on “Do You Recognize This Bernal Boot Bandit?

  1. I live at Precita and Coso and found a tool set “stashed” behind my Bougainvillea on Friday. I’m assuming it was stolen out of someone’s garage and hidden there to be picked up later.

  2. My husband had his running shoes stolen off our front entry several months ago. We are not on a highly trafficked area of the hill at all! And who would want someone else’s used shoes?!?

  3. Orlando, sorry about your loss. . .those Red Wings were probably just getting broken in.

    Question: what kind of security camera system do you have? We’ve been talking about one for our house on Prentiss especially after our neighbors across the street recently had an incident with a burglar in their back yard.

  4. Hi Orlando,
    I am also very sorry to see your boots get stolen. I know the value of good boots. They become part of you.

    I am also interested in the security system. What do you like / dislike about it? We have had a number of incidents in the neighborhood in recent months and I think it’s time to step up our security.

  5. With the disclaimer that one of my friends works there, let me recommend Dropcam ( It’s wi-fi-enabled (so you can check from iPhone/iPad/Android), color, and HD. The device itself is $149 and very easy to install. We also bought the cloud storage of 7 days of video ($10/mo or so). So you’re looking at $149 for the device + $120 annually.

    Other caveats: your wifi signal needs to be pretty consistent, and the camera needs to be pretty close to the router. Ours is near a wireless extender instead of the main router and thus has more of a lag. It has good night-vision, meaning like ~10 feet out into the dark, and it can see about 30 feet in the daytime. Also, it’s an indoor camera – you can’t mount it on an outdoor fence. With all that said, I think it’s a great product, and we’ll likely get another one for the other side of the house.

    I’ve heard Costco sells a surveillance camera for about $150, but I don’t know much more than that.

  6. I recently installed the following system at my parent’s house.

    I went with this system because of its price, ease of use and ease of installation (no video cables to route, only the power source). I also like that it comes with a handheld LCD display where you can view the live feeds from the cameras. The video that gets recorded does kind of suck (320×240 resolution), but it’s good enough and you can make out who people are and what’s going on. The night vision works great.

    There are better systems out there, but they cost more and many require more work to setup. Such as routing cables and installing power sources.

    BTW, if you want better video and a wireless camera, look into the surveillance system by Logitech:

  7. Hello

    I’d like to thank my neighbors for the empathy expressed as a result of my recent loss.

    Alys L. you took the words right out of my mouth when you wrote, “I know the value of good boots. They become a part of you.” This goes straight to the heart. My boots were fully equipped with the special “Gore Tex” and “Thin Sulate lining to keep my feet both dry and warm in the winter. They had a composite safety toe that was lighter than steel, yet stronger. If you take a closer look at the tips you will see that I had a hardened epoxy place on the toes to keep them from peeling open, this is common as the leather of this area will breakdown as a result of extreme and punishing elements of industry. This was the third time I had them resoled with ForceShield impact soles. These high grade “rubber” soles yielded the comfort only sneakers could come close to. Inside, were my arch supports custom made for my feet by “Good Feet,” add an extra $100.00 plus the tax.

    And so by now you get the idea that yes indeed, I do take my feet to the extremes of caring. Why not, this is the “only” pair I will ever have and they will carry my weight for only a lifetime. Worth every bit of the $550.00 total that tallied up over one decade of marriage to them. This kid new what he was looking for. In the video, I can see him scurrying through every corner looking for the boots until he gets to the chair you see by my front door. He wasted not time in hasting to grab and go. This is at 3:50 am on a Thursday dawn, Wednesday night!

    Just wanted to add because it helps to share a loss like this. I am not angry. Looks like he did indeed need shoes. I zoomed onto his feet and discovered his shoes were on their last trek of their lifespan. He will not need a pair for a good ten years as a result of his resourcefulness and my dedication to the best of care for my laboring feet.

    In the end, I hope this guy finds a way to a safer healthier lifestyle because clearly for the time being, what I have been taking for granted daily appears remote and far out of his reach just as it is for many other hundreds of thousands Americans. I hate to admit to the truth, the reality of this episode is that this is the new America, and things are likely get worse before they get better. So, with this said, I have health, family, and a home. I hope this person can have them too if they are missing (thats what it looks like to me). If he had steal my leather boots, something is missing from the equation. I am fortunate. I can replace them. My boots are serving someone who needed them more than I did. Better that they are being put to work, the work they were made for, than ending up as a part of one more land fill (cringing). Enough said on my Red Wing hand crafted boots.

    Alys, please accept my apologies, but I cannot answer any of your questions on the details of my cameras because if I do, it will reveal their weaknesses making me vulnerable to theft or harm. What I can suggest is that you buy a “kit” that holds the longest memory storage (thirty days is my recommendation) with cameras that are infrared for nights with enough pixels for HD quality playback. Oh wait, the zoom. Make certain the zoom is there. Anywhere from 2x,4x, and 8x is ideal. All three is what you should demand. This will allow you to take a snap shot of their face, (in my recent case, his feet) giving you all you need to identify a person from the top down. DVR’s will use your internet service and thus, no extra monthly fees will be incurred from your investment. Remote viewing from your smart phone 24/7 comes at no extra cost. The motion alarm is cool, but cats and dogs trigger them often making you become complacent of the signals. Still, at night it is great to have. Four to eight cameras is ideal. Start with four and then later if you find it necessary you can add. Just nice to have the option to add later. Thats all.

    So there is my take on it. Burglars beware. I am watching everything all the time from every place I may be. Even from as near as the Safeway store on thirtieth to as far as from Mexico or Rome. The police is just one phone call away. All in the palm of my hands.

    I do hope it helped.

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