Got Him! SFPD Nabs Break-In Suspect Near Precita Park


Walking home on Precita Avenue last week, I came upon a group of SFPD officers who were in the process of arresting a gentleman who appeared to be in his mid 20s. The man was handcuffed and sullen, and alongside him I saw a an open bag that contained a motley collection of hand tools — snips, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.

Courtesy of the latest Ingleside Station Newsletter, we now learn that the suspect I saw was caught in the act while trying to steal a neighbor’s scooter, and that he may have also been connected to several other crimes, including car break-ins and home robberies:

Friday, July 12, 2013
8:23pm 200 Blk Precita Stolen Property
Ingleside Officers Kabanuck, Guzman, and several other Ingleside units were dispatched to investigate the attempted theft of a motor scooter. Dispatch further advised responding units, that the suspect was a man in his 20’s with long hair, wearing a green sweatshirt. When the officers arrived at the Precita Street address, they found the suspect standing next to the motor scooter. The officers phoned the witness who confirmed that the man standing next to the vehicle was observed trying to start it and drive it away. The suspect was also standing next to a shopping bag and a black backpack that he acknowledged belonged to him. A computer check revealed the suspect was on felony probation for narcotics from San Mateo County. A probation search of the bag and backpack turned up various tools including a crowbar, hammer, screwdriver and file and other items such as mail, checks, and DMV documents which may have been stolen in recent burglaries. The officers recognized the tools as items often used to commit burglaries of residences and vehicles. The suspect was booked on variety of charges including possession of stolen property and burglary tools as well as possession of narcotics paraphernalia. Report number: 130574133

… which only goes to validate something that the officers at Ingleside often emphasize: At any given time, it only takes a small number of baddies to generate a whole lot of property-related crime on the streets of Bernal Heights.

Kudos to the alert neighbor who noticed this baddie working his trade, and hats off to the SFPD for the prompt response and arrest.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

One thought on “Got Him! SFPD Nabs Break-In Suspect Near Precita Park

  1. Anyone familiar with local court systems? Is this guy back on the streets before this blog post was finished or might he actually do some time?

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