Creative Bernal Neighbor Creates Video Profile About Creative Bernal Neighbors



Neighbor Steve Sisler is doing an ad hoc series of video profiles about people in Bernal Heights. The first one is a wonderful profile of longtime Bernal artists Joseph Branchcomb and Toby Klayman. Neighbor Steve tells Bernalwood:

I moved to Bernal in 2010. I love my ‘hood, and I wanted to tell stories about the people that make our community what it is. There are a lot of great stories in Bernal, many of them are really interesting, with more than a few being moments that you want share with friends. This is what I tried to capture. The concept is called Bernal Heights Conversations, and it will be an ongoing series that I fit in between my editorial/commercial projects, which include a documentary for an NGO in India.

I met Joe Branchcomb while recording video at 331 Cortland. Joe suggested that his wife, Toby would be someone I would want to meet. While having coffee in their studio, it became a no-brainer to include them in the project

Toby has been creating art since the 1950’s. Toby and Joe are creative, charming, and entertaining. Their perspective on life, our community’s history, and art is worth chronicling. Their studios are a must-see.

Happily, Steve’s video is also creative, charming, and entertaining, and it too is a must-see. So see it now. Enjoy:

9 thoughts on “Creative Bernal Neighbor Creates Video Profile About Creative Bernal Neighbors

  1. Wonderful portraits of Joe and Toby and Bernal. Thanks to Steve. Can’t wait to see future installments.

  2. I heart them so much. They are our family, all of us here on the hill can call them that.

  3. Wonderful! Artists enrich our lives. Thank you,Joe and Toby, for sharing your stories and thoughts. Thank you,Steve, for making this available. I look forward to more Bernal Heights Conversations!

  4. We have known Toby and Joe since 1986. Even visited with them in Kamalari, Crete, Greece.
    Very prolific artists who have shown all arounf Bernal Heights

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  6. Toby and Joe, such a creative couple , are an inspiration to a lot of us. And do they have stories…..!! He photographs and now paints, Toby always a painter and teacher to many.
    Thanks for such a great profile on them !

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