If Bernal Heights Were a Women’s Fashion Brand, Would It Look Like This?


As longtime readers know, the Bernalwood editorial team works hard to deliver the news you can use. That’s why we are so completely and totally obsessed with glamour, celebrity, cutting-edge fashion, and languorous living.

We take our vacuousness very seriously, which is why Bernalwood was horrified (horrified!!) to find a recent article on the Blank Stare, Blink blog that was so fashion-obsessed that it actually made this blog look… substantive.

Oh my!

The backstory: Fashion blogger Paula Mangin has decided that she’s ready to move from the Nob Hill apartment where she’s lived for the last 16 years. She’s looking for a full makeover, so she’s considering options in the San Francisco “suburbs.” You know… places like Bernal Heights:

Each neighborhood is like a different fashion brand, with it’s own feel, image, price-tag, following. Cow Hollow is Tory Burch, Pacific Heights, Prada. Once you love a brand or neighborhood, you tend to love most of their pieces or homes. But sometimes you can fall in love with a piece, or home, from a brand or neighborhood you may not love — at least not yet.

With this in mind, I ride a hot, crowded 49 bus past the Civic Center, along the edge of the Tenderloin, through the Mission and out to Bernal Heights to see a small victorian. Bernal Heights is sort of the Rachel Comey of neighborhoods: cute, sturdy, indie, cool. A neighborhood, and brand, I want to like but have never felt quite comfortable in. But I’m trying to keep an open mind and decide to “try it on” and see how I feel.

So as I try on Bernal Heights, here is some prime Rachel Comey real estate that just may suit me. It just goes to show that you never know. Which is really the beauty of the hunt.

PHOTO: A selection of items from Rachel Comey’s current Women’s Clothing Collection

23 thoughts on “If Bernal Heights Were a Women’s Fashion Brand, Would It Look Like This?

    • +1 for Target! I don’t have money to spend on clothes because it’s so freakin’ expensive to live here. 🙂

  1. Hi Todd: Love your blog, which I found right after I posted the above as many of my Bernal friends sent me the link. By the way, my name is spelled Mangin, not MaDgin. But that made me laugh and is quite fitting sometimes. P.

  2. There are so many things wrong with this that I hardly know where to begin. But I guess “we’re so flattered by your slumming” sums it up.

  3. What?!? Frumpy expensive duds??? That’s not what I think of when I think of bernal. Not at all. Sorry Paula. I don’t think you’d find much Rachel comey here. (I hadnt even heard of rachel comey, is she famous? im very not in the fashion loop, sorry). I’d say if bernal had a fashion brand it would be second hand stuff (of any brand) from Chloe’s Closet!!! (Granted, that’s just for kids clothes) but that also is a testament to the # of kids in the neighborhood!!! My $.02 -Natanya (Bernal resident, long time reader, first time commenter)

    • The actual outfit that Ms. Mangin put together for her post is actually cute. I can certainly imagine many of our current neighbors having similar items in the closet.

  4. Paula, you seem clever, upbeat, and appreciative of this wonderful gem of a neighborhood. I enjoyed your blog post and your fun approach to assessing SF’s different regions. Yeah, it might be kind of hard to stay car-free out here, but people do it. A close friend who travels only by bike was annoyed at first when I moved to a hilltop, but has found that with the right routes the climb isn’t all that bad at all.

    • I think living in Bernal is bigger than just living in Bernal. We moved from Russian Hill a few months ago and were afraid of missing the variety of restaurants, but in fact, we are much more out and about than we were before, since you can actually walk to the Mission and what this neighborhood has to offer, while leaving in an incredibly nice, cosy and very interesting neighborhood.

  5. I just spent 80 bucks at Target, and if I could I wear succulents around my neck, from Kens shop, I would. Who the hell is Rachel Comey? You know what, I’m not even going to google it. Whichever the case Bernal Heights rocks.

  6. I like how we comment about how great our community is, open to all walks of life, tolerant, etc etc.

    Then we tell this woman she’s not welcome here.

    • Seriously. Being into fashion and loving Bernal are not mutually exclusive. I know because I care about fashion (I know who Rachel Comey is – she makes great, simple boots that last forever) and also care about Bernal. Judgmental much?

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