The Surprising Joy of Live Music at the Lucky Horseshoe


Okay, so it’s not quite as exotic as a sunset piano recital on Bernal Hill, but still…

When I drifted in to the Lucky Horseshoe on Cortland to have a drink with a friend last Sunday, we were greeted by a live bluegrass performance that was totally unexpected and actually rather lovely.  Here’s a lo-fi snippet of the sound:

Of course, the Lucky Horseshoe is the heir to a long lineage of live music shows in that very same space, and the bar’s online event schedule makes it easy to see who’s playing when.  Definitely worth checking out.

PHOTO & VIDEO: Telstar Logistics

One thought on “The Surprising Joy of Live Music at the Lucky Horseshoe

  1. The Bluegrass thing happens every Sunday. Very low-key atmosphere. On Saturdays LH now has some interesting bands playing for tips or a low cover. Sound is pretty good, not too loud.

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