Thursday Evening: The 2013 Cortland Summer Solstice Stroll!


Every Bernal Heights schoolchild is taught the tale in school: Tens of thousands of years ago, a sagely race of druids gathered twice a year in the area we now know of as Cortland Avenue for gala celebrations of the season that featured mead, music, and generous offerings provided by the local population of merchants, artisans, and craftdruids.

Today, the Bernal Business Alliance has revived that ancient ritual, marking the arrival of the solstice by hosting a joyous Summer Stroll.

In 2013, the Summer Stroll happens this Thursday, June 20, from 6 – 9 pm on Cortland Avenue. Our local merchants will be out to provide smiles and snacks, the Gary Zellerbach Duo will be playing jazz at the Inclusions Gallery, and the sidewalks of Cortland will be transformed into a glamorous fashion runway for all the modern-day druids of Bernalwood to see and be seen.

Kids, canines, and visiting flatlanders are welcome; Karl the Fog was not invited (though he may decide to crash the party anyway).

See you there!


PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

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