Alemany Farmers Market Superstar Jackie Jones Recovering from Bad Fall



When we last saw Bernal resident and Alemany Farmers Market celebrity musician Jackie Jones, she had just completed a glamorous cameo in a new music video by Thao Nguyen. Yet during a visit to the Farmer’s Market last weekend, Bernalwood was sad to learn that Jackie is out of commission after suffering a fall that left her with a broken foot and a hurt knee.

The accident happened two months ago, we are told, and Jackie is recovering well. With luck, she’ll be back in action within a few weeks. But in the meantime, another awesome Bernal Neighbor was out on Saturday with a big pad of paper and a set of markers, encouraging Jackie’s many Junior Fans to write get well notes for her.

Of course, Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter is a member of the Precita Valley Chapter of the Jackie Jones Fan Club, so she was eager to send Jackie get-well vibes:


And while the Cub Reporter added a bonus rainbow, Bernalwood supplied our best wishes as well:


On behalf of all the Citizens of Bernalwood, we hope you feel better soon, Jackie! The Farmer’s Market is great, but it just isn’t the same without this:

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10 thoughts on “Alemany Farmers Market Superstar Jackie Jones Recovering from Bad Fall

  1. Hi all. The gent who was organizing the card-making effort told me very clearly that Jackie is being very well cared for, and that all her needs are being met. (Whew!) Mostly, he said, she just needs some cheering up.

    Still, thanks to all, as always, for your willingness to help a neighbor in need.

  2. I’ve been in touch with Jackie, and although it is true that her good friend has been taking care of her and has even arranged for someone to stay with her around the clock while she heals, when you realize that an important part of her weekly income came from her earnings at the Saturday market — well it’s obvious that she is short of funds. How can we organize some help?

    • Hi – There’s a crowdfunding campaign right now to raise money for Jackie! She recently broke her foot and fractured bones in both her legs, so we’re raising money to help her pay for her medical expenses so she can recover and hopefully get back to the market soon! Here’s the link:

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