6 thoughts on “Ancient Godzilla Ancestor Spotted on Bernal Hill

  1. Is this for real? Can anyone identify this creature? Is it indigenous or someone’s escaped pet? How has it managed to survive our over-used open spaces!

  2. Probably a California Alligator Lizard (Elgaria multicarinata multicarinata) which prefers dry, grassy, high spots like Bernal Hill (as opposed to the the the San Francisco Alligator Lizard (Elgaria coerulea coerulea)). Poor little guy; sometimes their tails only grow back a stubby bit like that.

    • I looked at your flickr reference. It seems that your dog played a part in what you call a vicious attack. In fact, as you wrote, even after it had been shaken off your pants, your dog “continued to nose it” until it ran away into the grasses. Perhaps your dog had terrified it in the first place, so it ran up your leg to defend itself.
      While I know I risk the wrath of the folks who think dogs first and everywhere, I will say that not all parts of Bernal Hill are meant for off-leash use, the grassy eastern part is even signed to be off limits to dogs in order to preserve what natural habitat is left.
      While I don’t know where you were with your dog, I hope you realize that we need all these creatures to survive up there.

  3. i guess it could have been either, but E. coerulea coerulea usually likes damper, lower places and can be a little darker/more brown; you’ll often see them near us in Glen Park canyon. E. multicarinata multicarinata likes scrubby, serpentine places like Bernal Hill and can be a little lighter/more yellow.

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