Study Shows Insane Apartment Rental Costs in Bernal Heights Are Actually Relatively Uncrazy



Our friends at CurbedSF tipped Bernalwood to a new study that looks at the current median cost of rental apartments for various neighborhoods across San Francisco. According to CurbedSF, the methodology is as follows:

– Zumper vets all the brokers, landlords and property managers who list on their site, which means they know how to change market rents. It also means that scammers don’t get listed on Zumper, so you’re not going to see duplications or fake low priced rentals.

– Most units on the current market tend to be newer (read: no rent control) developments built post 1979, since they experience more turnover. Those units are often renovated and have access to many more building amenities than their rent-controlled counterparts, making them more expensive.

The research reveals some good news and some bad news.

First, the bad news: The data shows the median cost of a 1-bedroom rental unit in Bernal Heights is currently $2675. For a 2-bedroom rental unit in Bernal, the median is $3950. These are jaw-dropping amounts of money.

So what’s the good news? The good news is that compared to several surrounding neighborhoods, Bernal looks like a bargain. Citywide, the median cost of a 1BR is $2764 (or $89 more than Bernal). In Noe Valley, the median figures are $2775 for a 1BR, and $4050 for a 2BR. The Mission is even more horrific, at $2850 for the 1BR, and $4705 for the 2BR.

Make of that what you will. Yet on behalf of all the current Citizens of Bernalwood, we would like to send a sincere message to anyone who is currently seeking housing in or around our neighborhood:

We feel your pain.

7 thoughts on “Study Shows Insane Apartment Rental Costs in Bernal Heights Are Actually Relatively Uncrazy

  1. I believe you mean $3950 for a two-bedroom, not $3590 (though both are really startling).

  2. I’d be pretty interested to see how this compares with the mean average though, and also a modal average within $100 increments. It only takes one ultra-high-priced luxury apartment to inflate a median average.

  3. @pixelnurse: Actually, an ultra high luxury apartment would not affect the median as much as the mean…

  4. I wonder how this compares to the same data from craigslist? It sounds like their review process will tend to remove outliers, but what other self-filtering is happening when someone decides to put their place out for rent on this site instead of craigslist?

  5. How about the self-fulfilling aspect if these type of published studies? They validate the absurdly high prices, giving even non-greedy landlords no reason to rent for less. In fact, you seem like a capitalist fool to set your rental rate lower than median. Regardless of your actual expenses (mortgage, tax etc).

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