Why You Should Drive Your Fun Car with Your Sporty Kids During the 2013 Bernal GT on Saturday


2012 Bernal GT

2012 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2012 Bernal GT

There is a popular stereotype which says that Bernal Heights is home to a thriving community of Prius-driving treehuggers who treat personal transportation as an expression of their personal virtue.

And to some extent, that’s true.

Yet as even a casual stroll up and down the avenues of Bernal Heights reveals, our eco-conscious neighborhood is also home to a ragtag fleet of very interesting old cars — and the unreconstructed gearheads who love them.

These cars — and the valiant moms and dads who cling to them despite the vagaries of street-parking and the demands of parenthood — deserve celebration too, which is why your neighbors from the Bernal Dads Racing Team have extend an open invitation for one and all to join the 2013 Bernal GT, this Saturday, for a fast-paced half-day of family-friendly motoring.

Neighbor Ben from the Bernal Dads explains:

Announcing the Fourth Annual Bernal GT on Saturday May 11th
(the day before Mothers’ Day!)

Join us for the fourth running of the Bernal GT 100. As in past years, this is a kid friendly (but not kid necessary) run beginning and ending in the vicinity of San Francisco’s Bernal Heights. The Bernal GT is simply a drive, not a race or competition for awards, trophies, or bragging rights.

Bring an old car *or* a newer car with a kid *or* better still– an old car and a kid. If you have something new and interesting that can work too, but no minivans or SUVs unless you’ve stuffed a blown SBC into it or something. This is a free event, and does not cost anything to participate.

There will probably be donuts and coffee when we convene for the start, but no promises.

When: Saturday, May 11, 2013
Time: 9:30am to mid-afternoon
Where: A to-be-announced starting point in San Francisco, and later returning to Bernal Heights.
Length: Somewhere between 80 and 120 Miles
Cost: Free!
We are looking for the following:
– Cars from 1980 model year or older  preferred. Any condition. – If you have kids 17 years or younger and/or kids in car seats, the 1980 rule can be waived. In which case, you still should try to bring a fun or interesting car.
– Rare and/or exotic cars from 1981 model year and newer welcome.

Wanna go? Send the following info to: BernalGT100@gmail.com

1) Drivers Name, Co Driver & other passengers
2) Phone Number
3) Kids Along: Yes or No
4) Your Vehicle’s Name:
5) Vehicle Info: Year, Make, & Model

Armando, Ben & Fiid

PHOTOS: Scenes from 2012 and 2011 Bernal GT, by Telstar Logistics

5 thoughts on “Why You Should Drive Your Fun Car with Your Sporty Kids During the 2013 Bernal GT on Saturday

  1. this looks like fun. I go for walks in Bernal and take pictures of every cool old car I find. I do a series on my FB page called “Today’s Car in the Neighborhood.” I’m not advertising- I just wanted to chime in. I like walking around the ‘hood and finding cool cars. There are a few that are always covered (Harrison across Precita, for ex) so I don’t get a pic sometimes.

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