New Wafflemonger Will Bring Carmel-Glazed Waffliciousness to 331 Cortland



As you may have heard, Bernal Cutlery is moving on from it’s cozy space in the 331 Cortland marketplace. Now Bernalwood has learned that its replacement will be Suite Foods, a Belgian-style waffle kiosk.

Yes, you read that correctly: Belgian-style waffle kiosk.

Sivan from Suite Foods tells Bernalwood:

My name is Sivan Wilensky and am the owner of Suite Foods. I want to let you know that we will be replacing Bernal Cutlery at 331 Cortland. We have been in business since 2010, specializing in Liege waffles. Until now we have only been selling wholesale but are very excited to have this as our first retail location.

To the uninitiated, a Liege waffle s a type of sweet, snack waffle. It’s made from a yeast-risen dough that has bits of pear sugar mixed in, which provides a unique sweetness and crunch. We then hand-shape the dough before griddling them in our cast iron waffle makers. During the griddling, some of the pearl sugar melts, coating the waffles in a light caramel glaze. And of course, all waffles will be made-to-order.

We will be offering both sweet and savory waffles. Flavors that we will offer on a rotating basis will include espresso, brownie, mapbe bacon, and matcha. We will offer sweet and savory options as well, which will include poached eggs with smoked sea salt, frozen custard (from our friends at Frozen Kuhsterd), and fresh, seasonal fruit.

We are still working out the drink offerings, but so far we know we’ll offer fresh juice, pressed-to-order as well as hot chocolate, chocolate milk, and rich, thick European-style hot chocolate, all using TCHO chocolate. As a San Francisco native (I grew up in Ingleside) I spent a good deal of time in Bernal Heights. I always admired the sense of community and am excited to now become a part of it.

We will be opening the “Suite Foods Waffle Shop” on Saturday, June 1st. Our hours will be from 8am to 5pm and will be open all days except Thursday.

PHOTOS: Top, Liege waffles, via Suite Foods. Below, 2011 photo of Sivan Wilensky, by DevourBlog

14 thoughts on “New Wafflemonger Will Bring Carmel-Glazed Waffliciousness to 331 Cortland

  1. They sound wonderful. I just hope i dont have to take a loan from the bank to buy one ! One would think they are pretty cheap to make and be just a few bucks each ??

  2. omg…I can see it already. Cold, very foggy evening in August. Pull on the sweatshirt, grab the husband and walk up to get a waffle and hot chocolate. So stoked!

  3. I was sad to see Bernal Cutlery go. . .but I’ll gladly drive to get my knives sharpened to be able to walk to get my Liege waffle fix.

    I became addicted to these while working in Brussels for a while. Now we just need a good döner kebab shop on Cortland (why are there so few of these in the US???) and Bernal will be complete for me.

  4. Great idea to have a doner kebab kiosk, will keep my eyes out for the next opening. Anyone out there? It’s good to read all the positive response to waffles, now we just have to get through the next few weeks before he opens up! We, at 331, are very excited to be welcoming Sivan into the store. See you there!

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