Mutant “Mossquatch” Evicted as Strange “Walroctopus” Redecorates Secret Lair on Bocana



There has been a change of occupancy in the secret lair on Bocana Street that was until recently home to Bernal’s favorite Bryophyta-Homo Sapien mutant crossbreedNeighbor Allison reports:

Thought some of your readers might be interested to know that the meter hole formerly occupied by Mossquatch appears to have been taken over by a new tenant. Fellow goes by the name of Walroctupus.

Bernalwood has learned the new guy’s pad also includes some spiffy special effects. Check it out:

PHOTOS AND VIDEO: Neighbor Allison

7 thoughts on “Mutant “Mossquatch” Evicted as Strange “Walroctopus” Redecorates Secret Lair on Bocana

  1. Mossquatch will be missed. I’m guessing he took the election loss hard and has relocated to moister areas. Hopefully he’ll return to Bernal soon, as my triplet niece and nephews will miss him when they are visiting us! I admit to choosing that intersection myself as a waypoint when walking home from dinner / drinks in the Mission just to check in with Mossquatch.

  2. I went by last week, but the beckoning pointy-hand sign was behind construction barriers. Yesterday I was finally able to see the fearsome Walroctopus. I can only speculate that the sidewalk pavement damage out front was caused by a territorial battle between Mossquatch and Walroctopus. And let’s say Sharktopus, too. Because that would be good claymation.

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