Jedi Warrior Defends Bernal from Dark Side of The Force


Bernal Heights plays host to innovative technology, tasteful wildlife, and superior purveyors of fine pickles.

But did you know that Bernal Heights is also a critical front in the epic struggle to liberate this star system from the tyranny of the Galactic Empire?

Well, it’s true. As proof, we submit this photo of a heroic battle waged recently on Bernal Hill, as captured by Michael O’Neal.

Meanwhile, in other news, the guy on the left claims he’s your father.

UPDATE: Over on the Instagram, @democles01 works the NIMBY angle:

Every time I go to that park, Sith Lords and Jedi are fighting each other and I’m tired of it. Then they look at me, and I’m like Hey!! My dog just needs to take a dump guys! Jeesh.

PHOTO: @moneal

11 thoughts on “Jedi Warrior Defends Bernal from Dark Side of The Force

  1. I think this is an important safety issue. It is getting so that a Sith Lord can’t walk his dog in the park without being ambushed by an angry Jedi. Stay safe out there people!

  2. Anyone else run into the late night worshipers who speak in tongues at the top of the hill, on the west side of the fence at the top? I’ve run into them 3-4 times over the years. Maybe they worship on some sort of moon calendar? Groups of people ranting and raving, some in “tongues”, the last time I walked by one was ranting in Spanish with lots of “dios” and “Jesus” amidst the babble,

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