Paulie’s Pickling Prevails in Picky Pickle Smackdown


By day, I work in an office where I sit across from a gentleman named Boris.

Boris was born in Russia, and though he emigrated to the US as a teenager, he retains his Eastern European palate. I was born in New Jersey, and though I emigrated to California after college, I inherited the Eastern European palate bequeathed to me via the DNA of my grandparents. In practical terms, the upshot of this is that both Boris and I have a deep fondness for pickles.

Boris lives in Berkeley, and he loves the pickles he gets at Saul’s Deli on Shattuck.

I live in Bernal Heights, and I’m a fan of the pickles I get from Paulie’s Pickling on Cortland.

So which is better?

To answer this question, Boris and I each brought a jar of our favorite pickles into the office, and yesterday afternoon we organized a Pickle Smackdown: A side-by-side taste test for an office full of fussy foodies, with Best Pickle honors decided by popular acclaim.

Fellow Citizens of Bernalwood, I’m here to tell you at our ad hoc Pickle Smackdown, Paulie’s Pickles prevailed handily, easily beating the competition from Saul’s (which was very good, but just not better). Even Boris eventually admitted that Paulie’s produces a superior pickle product.

Victory doesn’t get any tastier than that.

20 thoughts on “Paulie’s Pickling Prevails in Picky Pickle Smackdown

    • Ahh yes, Bubbies: One of the better *fermented* pickles out there. Of course, now we are crossing genres from most of Paulie’s offerings which are pickled in vinegar.

    • I am a fan of Paulie’s AND Bubbies. Unfortunately, Bubbies jar in my fridge says ‘Prepared in Canada for Bubbies of San Francisco’ and then lists a Stockton addy. Congrats to Paulie for winning this challenge!

  1. weird fact: some chopped up bits of Paulie’s pickles makes for one hell of an omelette. something about that spicy vinegary brightness with otherwise simple flavors.

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