Harried Pet Owner Cleans Dirty Dog At New “Precita Bark” Dog Spa

PrecitaBarkLorarover1Precita Bark, the new dog groomery on the eastern end of Precita Park (across from the playground) is now open for business. Neighbor Regina stopped in recently to get a treatment for her dog Rover, and she filed this report:

Precita Bark is now open, and Lora, the owner, has done a fabulous job creating a practical yet spa-like environment for dogs.

Rover, my black lab, turned 10 on Valentine’s Day, so I took him for a self-serve wash ($19 to $17, depending on dog size) at Precita Bark. This service includes a “spa bathing station” and shampoo of your choice (we picked Eucalyptus), a waterproof apron for the owner, absorbant towels, any brushes you need, and individual dryers. Best part is you don’t have to clean-up when you’re done!

Rover sheds like it’s his job, and I usually dread bath day in our home. Wet dog hair clings everywhere, even to walls where he smacks his tail. My newly crawling baby becomes an unfortunate Rover-hair Swiffer after his baths; her pink footed PJ’s are black fur magnets. Several towels are necessary and my washer and dryer become inundated with dog hair and smell. We all need a bath after Rover’s bath.

Precita Bark has done a fantastic job designing the space, and they really understand dogs. When we arrived, Lora carefully adjusted the water pressure and temperature for Rover so “he won’t be nervous,” and she had great washing tips for me.

Next to us, Rover’s new friend Shakes was getting a Full Service treatment by Lora, including a blowout ($40 for dogs under 40 lbs., $45 for over 40 lbs.). Shakes has a ton of hair and his owner, who lives on the South slope of Bernal, was probably thrilled it wasn’t blowing around their home.

Rover has never been cleaner, he LOVED his bath, and is favorite parts were the blueberry facial ($2) and the big fluffy towels at the end. I let him pick a toy on the way out; He chose a squeaky hedgehog (non-native to Bernal, I know, but they don’t sell squeaky gophers).

Glamour Bonus: On our way home, a stylish Italian woman standing outside St. Anthony’s chapel commented on how handsome Rover looked.

Precita Bark:
433 Precita Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 926-5277
Mon-Fri 10 am – 7 pm
Sat-Sun 8 am – 6 pm

PHOTOS: Top, Lora from Precia Bark with Rover. Below, Neighbor Regina gives Rover the business.

12 thoughts on “Harried Pet Owner Cleans Dirty Dog At New “Precita Bark” Dog Spa

  1. Love Lora’s business idea. Seems like we are a great neighborhood for it to succeed and I hope she does. Also appreciate Neighbor Regina’s writing. Let’s hope she has time with dog & baby to do more guest reporting for Bernalwood!

  2. Sounds great, but you best walk there or be mindful of where you park. Precita Bark’s adjacent neighbor at 427 Precita Ave., has the curb on both sides to their driveway painted red. I was at the playground the other weekend and witnessed the meter maid ticket a car that had parked in front of Precita Bark, but past the red curb.

  3. By the way, Precita Bark also has really inexpensive toys for your pups! The variety is limited, but the price is perfect!

  4. I loved Regina’s article–very fun and well-written! And I am very excited about Precita Bark opening in our neighborhood! I’m telling all my clients and doggy-loving friends about it!

    • I believe they can, my dog was booked for a nail trim but was not well enough behaved to get it done. I think it is an extra service on top of a full service bath.

  5. I too purchased a squeaky hedgehog for a friend’s dog and may just get another. A hog for every dog!…it’s the Bernal way.

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