Neighbor Nathanael Releases Possibly the Most Bernalesque Book Ever Written

Nathanael Johnson portrait

Neighbor Nathanael Johnson lives on Godeus Street in the Dominion of Bernalwood, and last week he published a brand-new book that “may be the perfect Bernal book,” according to one local culture critic.

The book is called “All Natural: A Skeptic’s Quest to Discover If the Natural Approach to Diet, Childbirth, Healing, and the Environment Really Keeps Us Healthier and Happier,” and when you put it that way, the comments of our local culture critic rings true.

Here’s the summary:

In this age of climate change, killer germs, and obesity, it’s easy to feel as if we’ve fallen out of synch with the global ecosystem. This ecological anxiety has polarized a new generation of Americans: many are drawn to natural solutions and organic lifestyles, while others rally around high-tech development and industrial efficiencies. Johnson argues that both views, when taken to extremes, can be harmful, even deadly.

Johnson, raised in the crunchy-granola epicenter of Nevada City, California, lovingly and rigorously scrutinizes his family’s all-natural mindset, a quest that brings him into the worlds of an outlaw midwife, radical doctors, renegade farmers and one hermit forester. Along the way, he uncovers paradoxes at the heart of our ecological condition: Why, even as medicine improves, are we becoming less healthy? Why are more American women dying in childbirth? Why do we grow fatter the more we diet? Why have so many attempts to save the environment backfired?

In this sparklingly intelligent, wry, and scrupulously reported narrative, Johnson teases fact from faith and offers a rousing and original vision for a middle ground between natural and technological solutions that will assuage frustrated environmentalists, perplexed parents, and confused consumers alike.

So far, Neighbor Nathanael’s book rates five stars on Amazon. Off to a promising start.

9 thoughts on “Neighbor Nathanael Releases Possibly the Most Bernalesque Book Ever Written

  1. Can’t get the image of this guy and the consensual rape van guy co-hosting some sort of panel discussion at the revamped redhill books out of my mind.

    • You are completely nuts. At least it’s now been downgraded to consensual. But rape is wrong. Even sex with weak yes would be a drag. In fact, even a strong yes holds the potential to ruin a friendship. So lots of plusses in avoiding sex altogether.

      Not even very likely a guy with a van is going to rape anyone; most girls would rather step into the ride of a Porsche or BMW. Women are very often raped by apparently nice guys. They avoid the asshole because they assume the worst. In my book, I’d rather be the asshole women are afraid of, than the nice guy who rapes them. Isn’t it true there is a dichotomy between men and women with respect to smiling and lying? Where one sex is more likely to smile when lying? So who do you trust? Good question.

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  3. Brenda McManus... Current writer and a 1940s child of the aftermath of war in Northern England. loves Nevada City

    Good work Nathaniel, time for clarification in this nutty world.

  4. Why are you people so nasty? He’s just written an interesting book, and you’re grousing about his beard and physique? Very small of you. And why on earth would you link this nice guy to the psycho van freak? What’s the matter with you?

  5. I finished this one last night. What a treat! I actually stayed up way too late to make sure I got to the end and I highly recommend it. (The book that is, not the lack of self-control I so carelessly demonstrated by ignoring my sleep cycle for a good read…)

    I learned a ton, thoroughly enjoyed the various subjects treated (esp. the bits on Guam!) and was very happy with the superior writing. It really made me think and inspired quite a few rich discussions among friends. I’m dropping it off at the library today, so if you’re on the holds list, that’s good news! 🙂

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