Hiker Experiences the Bernal Awakening, Beauty Ensues


It’s always fun to watch what happens when a visitor to our neighborhood experiences a “Bernal Awakening.”

Here’s what happened when Wilson Lam discovered our hill:

Bernal Heights, a place I’d never been to before, but after talking to a coworker about it, I just had to go.

A group of my friends and I were suppose to go there, but for some reason, they bailed out at the last minute. So I found the address and made the trek over there.

The hill was a steep climb in the dark (note to self: buy a headlamp) and at times a little scary since no one else was there.

When I got to the “spot”, my heart just dropped. You can litterally oversee the whole city from this vantage point (and i’m not talking the vantage point of Twin Peaks, where you are looking down at the city). Rather, this was eye-level, jaw dropping spectacular.

When I got there, the stars were still out so I had the shot that I wanted… a batman, superhero picture where the cap crusader was overlooking the city, looking for bad guys!

Pseudo self portrait of me.

One more thing:
My friends and family ask me why I do this on a weekly basis?

My answer: It’s good for the soul

Amen to that. Great photo too!

PHOTO: Wilson Lam

7 thoughts on “Hiker Experiences the Bernal Awakening, Beauty Ensues

  1. You go there every week to stand on a mountain and look at a city? Well. Guess it beats all the passive aggression stuff. At least you have some solace in your life. All I ever do is stand on a chair

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