Exasperated Parking Note Is Exceptionally Well Documented


Neighbor Ron spotted this yesterday:

Saw this beauty on my commute down Eugenia stairs. Looks like the offender has been there for a while.

Indeed. Notice also that there is nothing even remotely passive-aggressive about this note ā€” it’s straight-up factual, and bracingly aggro. We respect that.

It’s also meticulously documented. Notice all those detailed check-ins, updates, and times! Judgement here must favor the writer, strictly on the merits.

PHOTO: Neighbor Ron

16 thoughts on “Exasperated Parking Note Is Exceptionally Well Documented

  1. SFMTA won’t necessarily tow a car that’s parked uncomfortably close to a driveway if there is not a relatively recent red zone painted there. One painted umpteen years in the past does not count. but iirc, any car parked in the same spot for over 72 hours can be reported to SFMTA and it can be cited and/or towed.

  2. Call 311 to get the City to ticket and/or tow! They will let you know if the owner is a neighbor, too, and contact them if you like.

  3. I feel their pain! People constantly park just on the shoulder on both sides of our driveway rendering it completely inaccessible. Lucky for us (never thought I’d say this) we have street cleaning on Fridays so they can never be there for too long.

  4. Wow, that person is incredibly patient not to just have the car towed. I would have had it ticketed on day 1, and towed by day 2.

  5. On my street, encroaching on driveway space is especially painful as we have 90-degree parking. Talk about running the gauntlet….

  6. I have a question. Does anyone know what the procedure is for getting your red curb re-painted? We occasionally have issues with neighbors who park too close to the curb cut, assuming that they don’t always notice the extremely faded red zone. (I know, I’m being too nice.) I did find the procedure for getting a brand-new curb painted online. I’m hoping that the fees are not the same for refreshing an old paint job.

  7. Our inconsiderate neighbors act like it is an inconvenience when we ask them not to park in our driveway; not kidding, and it gets old. Tow the jackasses and make them take responsibility for their own misdeeds.

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