New Neighbor Paints Bernal Hill as Seen from Former Neighborhood


Todd Berman used to live in the Mission District, but he recently transferred his flag to Bernal Heights. To mark the occasion, he painted a picture of Bernal Hill as seen from 25th and Mission Street:

I’ve been in San Francisco for 14 years — 11 of which I spent in the Mission District, mostly at the foot of Bernal, just across Cesar Chavez  — with Bernal Hill always looming above. Bernal has been my muse for many paintings and drawings, often floating above the fray.

Now, I look forward to painting the view from Bernal and also capturing my new neighborhood’s awesome community vibe. I will certainly need to make a ‘City of Awesome’ painting about Bernal. In my current series of paintings, I ask people, “What do you do to help make San Francisco be so awesome?” Then I ask them to draw a picture of themselves in action (no skill needed, stick figures okay). I then cut the self-portraits out and collage them into paintings of the city. (Perhaps a local business would want to sponsor a City of Awesome Bernal painting featuring their location?)

My day job is as a substitute teacher in the SFUSD schools. My special-lady-partner-person, Lauren, is an independent consultant, crafting marketing and communications strategy for nonprofit organizations, a photographer, and a writer. She has chronicled many of our adventures abroad here.

Our new place is in the St. Mary’s vicinity – the piercing on the tip of La Lengua. Olivia’s does make a superior breakfast.

Welcome to Bernalwood, New Neighbors Todd and Lauren, and we look forward to your future contributions to Bernal’s artistic endowment.

IMAGE: Todd Berman

4 thoughts on “New Neighbor Paints Bernal Hill as Seen from Former Neighborhood

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