Burglary Prevention Tip: Lock the Back Door Too!!

Neighbor Emily was the victim of a recent burglary, and she brings an important word of warning:

Burglary Alert!

On Sunday 11/12/12 at approximately 4:30 pm, someone came to our back door and stole my Apple MacBook Pro laptop off our dining room table. My teenage daughter was home, and so was our dog.

It all happened so fast that there was nothing she could do. She didn’t see anyone, so she doesn’t have a description.

Someone would have had to have jumped a couple of fences to even get to our yard. We live at the end of Holladay Ave; the houses behind us are on Brewster.

Keep you front AND back doors locked, because there are thieves lurking in our yards!

During the past few months there have been many home break ins, car thefts, and car break ins on the southwest side of the hill specifically, Costa St, Faith St, Holladay Ave, and Brewster / Franconia. Mostly occurring during the day in broad daylight. I think mine was the first where residents were in the house when it happened.

There was a community safety meeting on Brewster on Tuesday night, and an Ingelside sheriff was in attendance. This has become a real problem, and all of us victims are only now realizing that it’s not just us.

PHOTO: RickM2007

4 thoughts on “Burglary Prevention Tip: Lock the Back Door Too!!

  1. We live at Folsom and Precita and during the evening of Sunday 11/4/12 (while we were home), someone broke into our garage and stole our bikes. Boo. If anyone sees a red & white Nishiki or a silver Fuji around the hood, please let me know!

  2. Annie – That’s too bad!! Doesn’t it feel just so invading??

    I’m worried to go from room to room in my house for fear I left something out that a creeper could see through a window.

    I’m on edge……

    I’ll look out for your bikes, that really sucks!! Makes me worried about my bikes in my garage now.

  3. We live on Holladay near Costa and our garage was broken into Friday night 11/16/12 and Monday night 11/19/12. A computer monitor and some bags were stolen. We have since doubled down on security.

    • Hi Daniel

      I am the one that got robbed at the end of Holladay a couple of weeks ago. Can you give me a call 415 225 6963 so that we can conspire on what to do about the decline of the safety in our part of the neighborhood.



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