Colorful Bougainvillea-Geranium Explosion Halts Traffic on Cortland

I noticed this colorful explosion of foliage while driving past the intersection of Cortland and Nebraska last week, and it was so stunning I stopped to admire it. I’m more of a gearhead than a green thumb, so I fired off an email to Neighbor Chuck, an expert on our local flora, to learn what kinds of plants these are. He replied:

Yeah, I’ve taken that picture many times myself. It’s a bougainvillea/geranium mashup.

The geraniums are technically pelargoniums, but only a hardcore plant person would bother to make the distinction.

What he said. All I know is that when I saw this, I had to pull over and say, “Wow!”

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

12 thoughts on “Colorful Bougainvillea-Geranium Explosion Halts Traffic on Cortland

    • It would really benefit these plants to judiciously prune, possibly extending their life cycles. Then again, it may be too late, as the undergrowth may not be able to send out new shoots. I could be wrong, but as ‘spectacular’ as this is, it cries out for care and maintenance, not neglect.

      • This is a matter of gardening taste… English gardeners love this overgrown & combination of plants look, even if this is a more unusual combination. One could do some judicious & sensitive pruning to allow easier access to the stairs… Other styles in gardening would approach this differently. If the “edges or interfaces” between the plants & the stairs, the sidewalk, the windows were cleaned up & defined, this planting would really “pop” and appear very much more planned & maintained…

  1. I see this every day, half a block from my house on Putnam, as I turn the corner to catch the 67 at Nevada. Love it.

  2. Very beautiful. Beg to differ on the above comment: Nature in all its glory is not an overgrown mess. Not everyone wants to live in a place where every home looks like a cookie cutter make-over from Curb Appeal. Just my opinion, of course. Thanks for sharing.

    • No. That’s what one person says when she is stating her enjoyment of a flowering shrub that you don’t enjoy and perceive as an overgrown mess. Another beautiful thing… In the land of aesthetics, we both get to be right.

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