Ballot-Stuffers Wanted to Help Bernal Mini-Artist Win Library Card Design Contest

The San Francisco Public Library is holding a contest to crowdsource some new library card designs, and aspiring Bernal Heights artist Mia submitted the drawing shown above. Neighbor Julia writes:

You might be interested to know that a Bernal resident is one of the finalists in the SFPL library card design contest. Mia’s design is in the “2nd grade and under” category. Mia’s submission is called “Reading,” and if you are a Camp Mather regular, you might recognize the hammock scene.

Anyone with an email address can vote. My disclaimer: I’m biased, because I’m her mom. Here’s the link if you’d like to vote.

8 thoughts on “Ballot-Stuffers Wanted to Help Bernal Mini-Artist Win Library Card Design Contest

  1. I voted. That was pretty easy and the ImproveSF site is actually kinda neat.

    And I sure love to hammock, and Mia’s beautiful picture brought me to that special place for a moment. Great library card concept, Good luck!

  2. I’m voting for designs from public school kids. Where does Mia go to school? I’m sorry that this has turned into a popularity contest instead of what would make the best library card.

  3. My reading comprehended that many entries do not have schools associated with them. If you check, EVERY ENTRY does not have it. I already voted days ago and did not go back to her entry which is one of the ones with a school. The nice thing about Bernalwood is that the comments aren’t usually nasty.

    • The comments here usually are not nasty, that is why I was confused for you to quickly side bust on Mia for trying to drum up some neighborhood pride for her entry. I also perused the other entries and voted for other kids that did nice work, regardless of which schools they attend.

  4. Why does it matter which school the kid goes to? You vote for the design you think would make a great design for our new library card. All the kids finalists or not did a fantastic job REGARDLESS of school choice. That was such an inappropriate comment.

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