Lost Big Rig Uses Bernal Hill as Temporary Truck Stop

Oopsie! A lost semi truck got very very stuck in the upper reaches of Bernal Hill on Saturday night. Neighbor Mark tells the story:

A semi with a loooong trailer found itself unable to remove itself from the intersection of Bradford and Esmeraldo. A police car set up a barrier at Alabama & Ripley to keep people from going up the hill while a tractor-trailer tow truck was called to pull the semi out of its predicament.

Neighbor John adds:

Driver said he was given wrong directions. Guess he just didn’t see the warning signs all way up Cortland and Nevada streets.

PHOTOS: Top, John Cremer. Below, Blair Lapin

4 thoughts on “Lost Big Rig Uses Bernal Hill as Temporary Truck Stop

  1. Reminds me of the time the big truck took out a fire hydrant (and then drove off!) on Precita when turning off of Harrison (on the south side of Precita). That driver just took out the hydrant and kept going.

  2. The trucks sometimes attempt a turnaround at Alabama and Precita, right by the playground. We get them idling in front of our house on Alabama, totally lost, having missed the turn for the freeway or produce market. My husband goes out and gives them directions, then stops traffic on Chavez so they can turn. I have complained about this to the Department of Public Works and David Campos’s office, and maybe more neighbors should do that, too. We need signs!!! These guys are not locals and the map does not show how tiny and tight our streets are.

    • I’ve had the same thing happens near my casa on Precita at Shotwell — I usually spot for them as they try to back up or make the turn. I totally sympathize with the truck drivers — they work hard, they’re not local, and they’re just following a map. They have hard jobs. Better signs might help, for sure.

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