Off The Beaten Path: Photographs of Bernal Heights in the Harvey Milk Photo Center Exhibit

Ed Brownson

Ed Brownson

“Off the Beaten Path” is a new photo exhibit curated by the Harvey Milk Photo Center:

San Francisco Recreation and Parks presents Off the Beaten Path, a photography exhibition showcasing the city’s signature parks and hidden gems. Off the Beaten Path is a “collectively shared impression,” inspiring the viewer to stop, take a breath, and fully experience the sheer beauty and quiet stillness that San Francisco’s diverse range of parks has to offer.

For Off the Beaten Path, photographers from all walks of life were invited to capture and share their own quiet, personal moments in various local parks, such as Golden Gate Park, John McLaren Park, Mount Davidson, and many more. Each image from the exhibition conveys a sliver of tranquility, a distilled moment in time, right here in our own back yards.

With that as a mission statement, it probably comes as little surprise that Bernal Heights — and a few of our most glamorous photographers — are represented in the show.

Ed Brownson (who is no stranger to Bernalwood) took the two photos at the top of this post; the first is called “Bernal in Winter,” and the second is “Bernal Dancer.”

Meanwhile, as we mentioned last week, the “Off the Beaten Path” show also includes a piece by Bernal’s hottest new photographer, Sarabeth Spector. Check it out:

PHOTOS: Top, Ed Brownson. Bottom, Sarabeth Spector.

2 thoughts on “Off The Beaten Path: Photographs of Bernal Heights in the Harvey Milk Photo Center Exhibit

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Todd. I hope everyone who can will go to the Off the Beaten Path exhibit; there are many wonderful photos from all over the city (yes, there are other parks here besides Bernal ~:-) )

    A favor: if anyone knows the dancer in my second picture, above, please ask her to contact me. I’d love to give her a copy of the photo.

    Ed Brownson

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