Eji’s Ethiopian Has Tasty Opening in 331 Cortland Marketplace

There was a small party at 331 Cortland on Friday night to celebrate the glamorous grand opening of the Eji’s Ethiopian kiosk. Amid much rejoicing and poured cups of Ethiopian honey-wine, Miss Eji was on hand to hand out samples of her food. Your Bernalwood editor took some of Eji’s rolls for a test drive, and declared them yum.

Our foodie friends at EaterSF did the full write-up… so I don’t have to!

Eji’s Ethiopian (331 Cortland) is the newest tenant of the charming 331 Cortland Marketplace. La Cocina incubator graduate Eji Atlaw has taken over the space left vacant by Big Dipper Baby Food to serve both hot and prepared vegan foods like injera rolls, sauteed greens, and stir-fried turmeric cabbage alongside hot or iced thyme tea. Operating hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily; closed Thursdays.

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8 thoughts on “Eji’s Ethiopian Has Tasty Opening in 331 Cortland Marketplace

  1. I stopped by this weekend and the food was wonderful! She is very kind and friendly and will let you sample everything and anything…highly recommended!

  2. My husband & I stopped by on Sunday while we were walking around Fiesta on the Hill. Unfortunately, the food looked stale & unappetizing. This was too bad as we were looking forward to trying Eji’s out as we had read the good review in EaterSF.

  3. Delicious! Eji’s is a dream come true. The injera is the best we’ve ever had. We could not be more thrilled to live so close to such a gem.

  4. Hi! Saw your post on Eji 🙂 She’s doing her first pop up dinner that will be equal parts hands-on cooking class, experience (hearing her tell stories from her childhood and starting up a business in SF!), and a seasonal 3-course Ethiopian meal — for just $30. We’d love for you to join for the evening. 🙂 http://www.simmr.co/events/22

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