Did This Bandit Steal Your Home-Delivery Package?

By way of the Bernalsafe mailing list comes a useful warning about a bandit who has been stealing the contents of packages and parcels dropped off by delivery services such as UPS, FedEx and OnTrac:

There has been much discussion of this on the Noe Valley Parents group but I’m new here so not sure if it’s been discussed before. There is a particularly prolific parcel thief operating in the Noe Valley and Bernal Heights areas. The perp cycles around checking houses as he goes by and stops to open packages right there on the doorstep. He’s not in the least bit covert about his operations and I have even encountered him on my property (before I knew what he was actually doing). Apparently he sometimes carries a sack for his booty and follows the UPS van around.

His infamy is so great he’s even on YouTube! Yes you can see him right here:

That’s him wearing his typical garb: cap on backwards, jeans, sneakers. He’s mid-late thirties, dark complexion, about 5,9″ and is always seen on a bike. I know from the Noe Yahoo group that there are several individual reports to the police (me included)… I’d encourage the same if you are losing parcels.

HAT TIP: Noe Valley SF

6 thoughts on “Did This Bandit Steal Your Home-Delivery Package?

  1. why is it ok for UPS or whomever to just leave packages on stoops like that? used to be, in the olden days, that they would leave you a slip saying, “sorry we missed you!” and come pick your stuff up. i’m lucky that i have a gate that they just throw packages over so they can’t be stolen.

    • You can ask them to never leave a package for you, but many of us would prefer to have the package left for us. Dealing with the slips means, at a minimum, a delay in receiving your parcel.

      • If you sign up, supposedly they will notify you 24 hrs in advance of a delivery at which time you can ask that the package be held at their facility. This does not always work in my experience. Some of my packages start out at UPS but the actual delivery comes via USPS. Odd that.
        But regadless I would rather have a delay than not receive the package at all. It’s a hassle dealing with the shipper for “lost” items since UPS will not deal with this at all.

  2. Probably the guy that stole the contents of my USPS package on Montezuma Street a month or so ago…. Oh I can’t wait to meet him

  3. This bandit stole my Amazon delivery a couple weeks ago – that’s definitely him. I got a good look at him outside of my house before I realized what had or was going to happen. I filed a police report and have seen him casing the neighborhood subsequently (and reported that to the police as well). BTW, I later realized that he sifted through the box, took the hair dryer and left the books – gross, no thanks! Anyway, I encourage anyone who has experienced problems to file a police report – this guy isn’t even discreet and should be relatively easy to catch (at least it seems).

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