Hottest New Photographer in Bernal Heights Hasn’t Attended High School. Yet.

There’s a hot new photographer in Bernal Heights, and her career is just getting started.

Neighbor Sarabeth Spector has been wowing me for months with her terrific photos of urban landscapes and the intimate details of everyday objects. Others have started to notice her talent as well: One of her pictures was selected by the Harvey Milk Photo Center for inclusion in the “Off the Beaten Path” exhibit that will open in McLaren Lodge tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, but here’s the thing: Neighbor Sarabeth just turned 12 a month ago.

In an exclusive celebrity interview with Bernalwood, I asked Neighbor Sarabeth what animates her photographic technique:

Contrast versus color: Especially in images I later change or colorize, I can see the contrast between what is really there and a scene where some element of the scene stands out if the surrounding colors are removed or turned down.

Detail versus noise: The camera allows me to slice away unnecessary clutter and frame detail that is easy to overlook otherwise.

I will be following along to see how Neighbor Sarabeth’s work evolves, and if you’d like to join me, look for her photos on Flickr and at  @sbsf on Instagram.

In the meantime, and on behalf of all the Citizens of Bernalwood, we send robust congratulations to Neighbor Sarabeth on the opening of the Harvey Milk Photo Center show this weekend.

PHOTOS: Bernal Heights, as seen by Sarabeth Spector

7 thoughts on “Hottest New Photographer in Bernal Heights Hasn’t Attended High School. Yet.

  1. Sorry for the late post, I just had a chance to really look at these images. This is very, very good work. Sarabeth has a real gift for seeing.

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