Simple, Courteous Parking Note Discovered on West Slope

Nice parking notes: They exist!

As the parking wars rage in some parts of Bernalwood, a neighbor on Elsie Street recently expressed him/herself rather more courteously in this vehicular memorandum:

Please be [considerate] next time [of] limited parking space[s] by parking in rear closer to driveway thereby allowing more space in front of you.

Could the lack of passive-aggressiveness be due to… the lovely weather we’ve been having? The civilizing influence of the nifty new Bernal-based service CurbTxt? The effects of the pharmaceutical substance on the note’s letterhead (Fluoxetine = Prozac)?

Whatever the cause, point is: Nice parking notes are possible!

17 thoughts on “Simple, Courteous Parking Note Discovered on West Slope

  1. I hate when I get home and a space for two cars has some ***hole parked right in the middle or car not parked correctly. I also leave nice notes too, but I never see those cars again which tells me they are not from around here. By the way, how come we don’t have parking stickers like other districts in San Francisco? Just wondering. Thanks.

  2. On our street, it wouldn’t matter. All the regular parkers are residents. I suspect that’s the case for most of Bernal. . .or at least those Bernal streets with street cleaning. I lifted this from SER’s link above: “At least fifty percent of the vehicles parked on the street in the proposed area must be non-resident vehicles.” I’m guessing this would forever keep most of Bernal from having a parking sticker.

    I’m happy to keep my bumper sticker free anywho.

  3. On a somewhat related note: what are people’s thoughts on getting the city to paint your curb cutouts with red defensible space? Here’s a link:

    We are new to the neighborhood, and feel a bit conscious of the backlash from some of the neighbors to the tech money moving in. We are nice people, and are trying our best to be neighborly. This includes parking both of our cars in our garage (imagine that!) so other neighbors can have more parking spots. I even left a signed courteous parking note of my own when one car had parked inconsiderately blocking a portion of my driveway a few times.

    The spaces on both sides of my driveway are only big enough for one car. We consistently have the same cars parked on either side and across from our driveway. It just happens they park in such a way (usually overhanging into their own driveway only taking up half the spot adjacent to my driveway, giving my driveway plenty of space) that allows me to get out of my garage without issue. If any one of those cars parks in a different position, or a different car parks adjacent to my driveway utilizing the full spot, it makes it very tough for me to get my car out. With Bernal’s narrow streets, if two or more park in different positions I know I won’t be able to get out at all.

    I’d like to ensure I can always get to work, but at the same time I don’t want to be the new a-hole on the block. I plan on talking to both sets of neighbors; but, I know one house has an apartment and it’s their renter who is consistently parked on one side of my driveway. The curb painting will not allow him to park there anymore (and the loss of this spot would probably keep the DPT from even painting to begin with.)

    I’m struggling with this because I feel it will be perceived as not-neighborly. If I am unlucky enough to be blocked in, I will probably be lucky enough to know one of the cars and be able to knock on the owner’s door and get them to move so I can get my car out. . .but this is a hassle for all involved, and what if they aren’t even home? Any thoughts?

    • Apply for the red curb and see if you qualify. You should be able to get in/out of your garage, no apologies necessary.

  4. Seems to me you have a right to get in and out of your garage. I paid substantial money to the city for my red curb. Without it we’d be blocked in at least several times a week. With it we get blocked in about once a week. I don’t consider other people’s lack of consideration my problem. If the car is too big for the spot, blocking a garage should not be considered an accepable option. Never once has anyone parked in my red zone left a note on their car letting me know how to reach them so I could ask them to move. I have no regrest over the few times I’ve had a car ticketed or towed. Operating a car is a privledge. If a person can’t do it resonsibly they shouldn’t operate a car.

  5. Parking in Bernal Height can, and “is”….excuse my french, a bitch. As many of you have stated, you “want” to be neighborly, and not to be an A-hole…But then sometimes you encounter the neighbor from Hell, when you enforce your Red Painted curb (i.e. calling the Parking Police.) When all you really want to do is to get your car parked in or out of your garage..To me its damned if you do, and damned if you don’t…

  6. Here’s a starter-plan: write “please be mindful” messages in chalk on the sidewalk, drawing lines, etc. It would communicate the issue without the threat of enforcement.

    • I should have been more clear in my comment above: it is completely possible for me to to not be able to pull my car in or out of our driveway even while people are legally parked. The curb painting would be to ensure I always have the two feet buffer on each side of my driveway to be able to turn in or out of my driveway when a car is parked on the opposite side of our narrow street.

      • Tough situation, Eric. I’d probably get the paint. Or figure out how to make your car bendable.
        Supposedly, all driveways are entitled to 18 inches of space on either side, red paint or no. (This according to someone in the Mission who would have towed me from my spot less than 18 inches from their cutaway if I hadn’t happened to arrive in time to move.) But the red paint sends a clear message.

      • Yikes, even if you got the paint (which, hopefully, means people will park legally), you may still be unable to have access to your garage? Perhaps a SmartCar is warranted in this situation?

      • I think you could still beta-test the idea by showing, in chalk, the room needed to exit your garage. For example: “If I got the curb painted, it would come to here…”

  7. Please be considered? Really? This explains why our test scores are lagging way behind most other so-called developed countries…c’mon Bernal do better!

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