Evil Pumpkins Dominate Bernal’s “Grisly Picket Fence of Death”

Neighbor John reports from a seasonal horror show currently on display in Bernal Heights:

For the past few Halloweens, a few of us on Gladys Street have been collaborating, carving upwards of 20 pumpkins in and afternoon and then creating the “Grisly Picket Fence of Death” to display ’em. We know other houses are also getting into the … ahem … spirit, so we wondered if you’d want to post shots of Bernal’s holiday pride.


PHOTOS: Neighbor John

Halloween on Cortland for Your Little Monsters Starts at 4pm

Late notice on this (not my fault!), but the Bernal Business Alliance will host their annual Halloween Stroll on Cortland this evening.

It’s intended to be kid-friendly, so bring your little monsters to see and be seen — and scoop up piles of candy — beginning at 4 pm.

Here are some Pro Tips from Miss Lynn of the BBA:

In the excitement about the Giants this weekend I had forgotten to send out our guidelines for Halloween on Cortland on Wednesday October 31, 2012 – so here they are:

  1. IMPORTANT: Cortland does not get closed off for Halloween – so if you are walking keep your eyes/ears open for traffic; if you are driving in the neighborhood, remember that the smallest trick-or-treaters will be out and about from around 4pm.
  2. Please do not cross on the diagonal.
  3. Stick with friends.
  4. The Library will be open on Wednesday until 9pm.
  5. Make sure you have a meeting place pre-agreed with friends/family before going out – the Library might be a great option.
  6. The stores and the Neighborhood Center will generally start early with their treats around 4pm.
  7. Stores will shut down at 8pm.

PHOTO: Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter with her best friend Eddie on Cortland for Halloween, 2009. Photo by Telstar Logistics

SFFD Extinguishes Residential Fire at Moultrie and Ogden




It wasn’t as bad as the two-alarm blaze last week, but there was another residential fire in Bernal yesterday on Moultrie. Neighbor Max says:

Two fires in one week, both within a block of my house. This one was on corner of Moultrie and Ogden. Bad Mojo I tell you! This one wasn’t nearly as bad as the other one; it stayed contained to a single house and was put out pretty fast by SF’s finest.

Ack. Bernalwood will provide additional details as they become available.

Speaking of which… there’s some disheartening news about last week’s fire on Andover Street, as well as a valiant effort underway by Bernal neighbors to assist the victims. Since we have a lot of Halloween events to cover today, I’ll provide a complete update on the Andover fire tomorrow. Stay tuned.

PHOTOS: Courtesy of maxlug

SF Chronicle Discovers Rock Bar, Concludes It Rocks PLUS: Halloween Party Tomorrow

Bernalwood has long known that the glamorous and geologically-themed Rock Bar, on 29th Street at Tiffany in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone, is a rather delicious place to enjoy a cocktail.

Now the San Francisco Chronicle has come to a similar conclusion. In a recent article, the Chron’s Tara Duggan wrote:

[The Rock Bar] has a much friendlier atmosphere than you might expect, considering the quality of its cocktails. In addition to a few bar snacks, you can order anything off of the Front Porch menu from a retro phone at the bar. When your order’s ready, carry it back on a tray to your perch at the bar – just in time for another drink.

The vibe: The decor is like Granny’s living room, except Granny has tattoos and purple hair. Curtains and Victorian lamps pair with cacti, air hockey and crystals on the bar.

The crowd: Cocktail-curious neighborhood folks.

Best seat: Bypass the handful of small tables for a spot the bar, where you can learn more about the drinks and chat with the accommodating bartenders.

Killer app: Frying is the Front Porch’s cooking method of choice, with starters like fried pickles and Tabasco aioli ($6.50) and fried okra with jalapeno aioli. Buckets of spicy-coated fried chicken come with shareable portions of garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and collard greens ($17 for 3 pieces/$34 for 9 pieces).

Signature drink: A lot of thought is put into the drink menu, with house specials like Ichi Rock ($9), gin-based with St. Germain, yuzu and grapefruit bitters.

But wait! There’s more! And an additional excuse to have a drink: Rock Bar is having a ghoulish Halloween Party tomorrow:

Halloween Eve, from 4 pm to closing on October 31, 2012, will be a spooky spectacle filled with spine-tingling sounds; classic horror films; and eerie drink concoctions like Ghouly Punch in honor of the spirited evening.

Costumes encouraged and suggested, but all are welcomed for fright night sounds and films. Films are part of the Rock Bar’s ongoing Wednesday “Silent Movies or Played Silently” series. For more information about the series, please visit Rock Bar’s website or Facebook page.

PHOTO: Top, 3rd Base Coach and Black & Orange cocktails, at the Rock Bar, via Rock Bar on Facebook. Below, sign via the Bernal Barfly

Today! Free Pumpkin Carving at The New Wheel

The newfangled New Wheel bicycle shop is having a free pumpkin carving this afternoon, and you’re invited. Miss Karen from New Wheel says:

We are having a fabulous pumpkin carving event at The New Wheel on Monday from 4-8 pm. Carving is free, but it is a BYOK event (bring  your own knife).  It should be lots of fun and we’ll showcase Jack-o’-lanterns at the shop that are not taken home during Halloween trick-or-treat festivities!

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

Giants World Series Victory Triggers Euphoria Across Bernal Heights

Giants World Series Celebration

Giants World Series Celebration

Giants World Series Celebration

Giants World Series Celebration

Giants World Series Celebration

Oh, hey… didya hear? The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series. Seriously! Afterward, fans in Bernal Heights were just a little bit excited.

I took in the scene from the corner of Mission and Precita, where revelers set up an orange-and-black balloon conga line for motorists to traverse. There were lots of smiles,  lots of people saying “Wooooooooooooo!” and many, many high-fives.

Giants World Series Celebration

Here’s a video, for full audio effect:

Things even got loopy on Cortland Street, as seen in this photo by The New Wheel:

Congratulations, San Francisco Giants!!

(PS: Have more photos from last night? Send ’em to us and I’ll post the greatest hits here.)

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Telstar Logistics, except for final image, by The New Wheel