Epic Double Rainbow Euphoria Was “Nature’s Gift to Bernal”

All the training. All the practice. All the hard work. It all comes together when the time is now, the situation is real, and all you have to go on is instinct and experience.

That time was last night, and the situation was an epic rainbow that erupted over Bernal Heights just as the sun was setting for the night. The skies turned pink, the light glowed orange, and a truly monumental Category Five double rainbow stretched across the sky from horizon to horizon. It happened fast. It was euphoric. But we were ready. The Citizens of Bernalwood mobilized their photographic imaging equipment, and the magic of the double rainbow was captured by many for all to see.

Neighbor Jean tells her story:

We were making tacos. Husband went out to take dog for walk, and the sky was pink!  Neighbor Robin was running down Bocana in ecstasy… saying “Look at the east!!  WOW!!”  I ran back in and turned off all the burners and grabbed my Canon5D… Already the drama had toned, but I managed to capture this. Nature’s gift to Bernal tonight!

Here’s Neighbor Jean’s photo:

Neighbor Craig had a BIG view to the east:

At the Bernalwood Rainbow Monitoring Station, Neighbor Chuck zoomed in to conduct a full spectral analysis and confirm this was indeed a Category 5+ Rainbow Event:

Neighbor Lee traced the Rainbow Touchdown Impact Point to this Bernal Heights bedroom:

Neighbor Kent spotted a cosmic discontinuity:

Corroborated by Neighbor Ian…

… and Neighbor Naomi:

Neighbor Amar, one of Bernalwood’s agents in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone, shot this heroic Bernal Hill profile:

And where was I during all this?

Your Bernalwood reporter was northbound on US 101 near the Spaghetti Bowl just as the Rainbow Alert began to subside. But I’d seen the rainbow. All of Bernal saw it. Then I saw Bernal drenched in the afterglow:

PHOTOS: Top, DenSF and Neighbor Anita. All others by our vigilant Bernalwood neighbor-reporters

5 thoughts on “Epic Double Rainbow Euphoria Was “Nature’s Gift to Bernal”

  1. My brother and I were at the baseball game last night and it was amazing! It arched right over the scoreboard and my brother took a picture of it which was retweeted by Raj Mathai! soooo coool

  2. excellent. should the double rainbow question be posed to our resident astronomer?
    Your Photos on QUEST: Rogelio Bernal Andreo
    Astrophotographer Rogelio Bernal Andreo’s colorful wide field images of deep sky objects like galaxies, nebulae, star clusters has garnered him dozens of photography awards including the Royal Observatory of Greenwich’s 2010 Best Astrophotographer of the Year.
    Watch the Story Online
    QUEST Radio – Mondays at 6:30am and 8:30am 88.5FM.

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