Thursday: A Festive Street Crawl in “Bernal Flats”

The Bold Italic has organized a festive street-crawl in La Lengua on Thursday evening to celebrate the glamour and abundance of the neighborhood. The event takes place this Thursday, August 23, from 6 to 8 pm:

The Bold Italic’s microhood party returns this month to celebrate an amazing corner of the city on Thursday, Aug. 23. This round is focused on Bernal Flats (also known as La Lengua or SoCha), the pocket of Mission St. just past Cesar Chavez that plays host to some of San Francisco’s best spots for dining, drinking, and shopping.

The Bold Italic is teaming up with Mitchell’s Ice Cream, Secession Art and Design, ICHI Sushi, Cruz Skate Shop, Rock Bar, 31Rax, El Rio, Way Out! Cafe and an assortment of awesome merchants for an evening of delicious eats, complimentary libations, and sweet bargains.

The Tongue in Cheek microhood is a great excuse to come hang with the neighbors and help spread the word of mouth on everything Bernal Flats related. We’re looking forward to celebrating one of our favorite local destinations with you.

Now, this certainly sounds like a fun event, with an all-star cast of participating merchants. Plus, it comes recommended by Miss Eden from Secession Art and Design, which in local terms is almost as good as an endorsement from Barbara Streisand or Zaha Hadid.

But what about this whole “Bernal Flats” nomenclature thing?

Specifically, where is Bernal Flats? Apparently, it’s somewhere around the La Lengua Autonomous Zone. Setting aside the fact that the La Lenguans are notoriously prickly about their sovereignty and their nomenclature, in 2012 everyone, including the cartography gods of Google, calls it La Lengua:

It’s unclear how this error occurred. The kids from The Bold Italic generally come across as a rather hip and in-the-know kind of crowd. They’re urban. They’re sophisticated. They have deep thoughts about typography. So one would expect them to know that calling Bernal’s Mission Street corridor “Bernal Flats” is kind of like stepping off a Powell Street cable car and asking a local for tips on “good places to eat around ‘Frisco.”

But please overlook all that for the moment. Instead, do check out the gig in La Lengua “Bernal Flats” on Thursday evening.

UPDATE, August 22: The Bold Italic has published more details on what’s on tap for Thursday night:

Our La Lengua microhood party, Tongue in Cheek, is almost here! We’ve joined forces with Mitchell’s Ice CreamSecession Art and DesignICHI Sushi,Cruz Skate ShopRock Bar31RaxEl RioWay Out! Cafe, and Zipcar to sing the praises of a special corner of the city on Thursday, Aug. 23, from 6 to 8 p.m. Read Erin Conger’s love letter to some of her favorite spots in the neighborhood for additional incentive to explore the streets around Mission and 29th, south of Cesar Chavez.

So what, exactly, is in store for this little gathering? Secession Art and Design celebrate its five year anniversary with 20% off jewelry and apparel, plus complimentary wine. Pick up a double espresso and your choice of sweet treat for only $4 at Way Out! Cafe with boss sounds courtesy of DJ David Greenfield. El Rio’s happy hour kicks off at 5 p.m. for everyone who wants to get the celebration started early with $3 well drinks and pints of beer and $5 Bloody Mary pints. These new specials join other drink and retail discounts, free nibbles, and other treats at participating merchants during Tongue in Cheek. The event is free but we’d love it if you’d RSVP. All ages are welcome, but many activities are 21+. See you there!

11 thoughts on “Thursday: A Festive Street Crawl in “Bernal Flats”

  1. Calling La Lengua “Bernal Flats” may not be the best, but at least it is more accurate than calling it “Bernal Heights”.

    And I don’t even want to think about “SOCHA”, that just makes me want to punch the internet.

  2. Item 1: If Mission Street between 24th and 25th is not the Mission District, nothing deserves to be.
    Item 2: Anyone who has biked South on Mission to San Jose knows there is nothing flat about it. Item 3: No organization so desperate to convey emphasis to the point of calling itself “the Bold Italic” should be trusted with these matters.

  3. Actually, if you stand by Army St (I am old school) and Mission St. facing southbound (towards 30th Street), one can clearly see that there is a significant slope (any cyclist can attest to that). But I do like the sound of Bernal Flats– sorry Burrito Justice. A round of applause to Ichi, Front Porch, and the rest for coordinating this event.

  4. Please go away already. Saturation is now fully in effect. Oakland, you’re looking good, and I grew up on Bernal….

    • Please go already. I’m sure Oakland will welcome you with open arms. . .or, a smoking gun.

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  6. I’ve always called it Bernal Flats. Always will. Compared to Bernal Heights, that’s what it is: flat. I don’t mind that you and your five Internet friends decided to call it something else. No need to get all huffy, though, just because other people don’tplay along.

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