Yarn Bombers Knit Cute Cozies for Bollards in Precita Park

Neighbor Kristen noticed something very cozy in Precita Park yesterday:

Wondering if you have any investigative reporting on the knit caps we saw today near the playground at Precita?  Someone suggested there was possibly a guerrilla knitting group in the area but she didn’t know the name. I am so curious to know more! And would love one of my own. Maybe they could knit a cap for our house to stop the drafts?

Very fashionable! Very mysterious! Definitely the work of a guerrilla operation… but Bernal Hill is notoriously rife with yarn bomber cells, so, which one???

UPDATE, Aug 25: The cozies are still there, and now Neighbor Leslie has taken a terrific photo that highlights how wonderful they really are:

PHOTO: Top, Neighbor Kristen. Below, Neighbor Frank. Bottom, Neighbor Leslie

22 thoughts on “Yarn Bombers Knit Cute Cozies for Bollards in Precita Park

  1. I’m a little annoyed that someone beat me to it! I’ve had an idea for the park for years but haven’t had any time to implement it. That said, I’m now looking at these giant hats and this dialogue is playing in my head, “the amount of time, yarn, effort and skill to do all these, imagine what good this person could have done if instead these were all human sized hats, and those hats were donated to people in need. but, art is important too. hmmm.”

    It took about 6 months (I think?) before the neighbors had the city tell me to take down my art installation back in 2005/6. I wonder how long these socks are going to stick around.

  2. Hi Sue- I continue to think about that Friday. I’m so glad that we met. I went back to an email that Ruth had sent me with photos from the Bryant reunion. But, the company and the photos are no longer available. Do you have any photos? We have a local web blog. This showed up today. I thought about when we talked about knitting on planes, and that we are not considered terrorists. Here are guerrillas that knit! Cute, eh? Take care– Genie

  3. These are beautiful. Thank you so much, whomever took the time to give our community such a lovely creation.

  4. They are still there as of this morning. Thanks to whoever did this. Cute and awesome, made us smile on the way to work today!

  5. What a nice gift to the community! I walk past them everyday and it puts a big smile on my face. Thank you to the guerilla knitter

  6. My mileage definitely varies. Paint the things something beautiful, but the idea of knitted stockings is more of a overly cute idea than practical.

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