Swarm of Hungry Goats Invades College Hill Reservoir

Citizens of Bernalwood, reports are streaming in to our newsroom this morning about a massive Goat Invasion on Bernal Hill. These sightings have been confirmed by Bernalwood’s team of livestock analysts.

At the present time the flock of goats is clustered around the the College Hill Reservoir near Holly Park. Our sources tell us the goats are part of San Francisco’s 415th Hircine Landscaping Battalion, and that they have been deployed to trim the grass in the reservoir area.

Neighbor Walker writes:

My girlfriend and I just moved to the neighborhood, and we’re thrilled to be here.  Our backyard borders Holly Reservoir, which we thought was uninhabited. Apparently not! After a bit of research, it seems this guy is a member of SF Water’s brush clearance project [which recently devoured the tall grasses of the Portola District].

Here’s more on-the-scene reportage from the scene of the goat invasion:

PHOTOS, from top, Neighbor Walker. Below, Neighbor Sarah, and Neighbor Matt

5 thoughts on “Swarm of Hungry Goats Invades College Hill Reservoir

  1. Herd of goats. Flock of sheep. Flock of birds. Herd of horses. Murder of crows. Swarm of bees.
    Army of ants. School of fish. Pride of lions. Pack of wolves. Gang of idiots. Why is the English language so complicated? I must be bored!

  2. Our whole family celebrates every year! My wife and I take up a glass of wine. The kids put our weeding through the fence. The goats eat the weeds. Everybody has a good time.

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