Bernal Architect Creates Whimsical Steampunk Bathroom

Residential architect Andre Rothblatt lives in Bernal Heights, and he recently finished a very wild project: a Steampunk Bathroom. In an email to us, Andre explains:

The bathroom was part of a whole house remodel of a Craftsmen-style home is located in Ashbury Heights. The clients are 30-something techies; He’s a computer engineer and she reviews patent application. They introduced me to the Steampunk genre. I’ve always enjoyed industrial design influences in architecture, and I was enthusiastic to design the bathroom in that style. We were lucky to find a great contractor (Frederic Grasset, also Bernal Heights resident!) who teamed with us to realize this imaginative design.

PHOTO: via Andre Rothblatt

24 thoughts on “Bernal Architect Creates Whimsical Steampunk Bathroom

  1. I’m sure the plumber had fun with that! I hope the plumber didn’t underbid himself/herself in the interest of art.

    • I called that plumber-who wasn’t a plumber.It was done by a guy named Ragnar over at The Sink Factory in Berkeley. I was quoted $4500 to recreate this.I’ll be making it myself.

  2. Wow. This is wild. And Rothblatt was one of the original founders of what is now called Bernal History Project. He does modern, clean designs, historic preservation work, and now this! Double wow.

    • Andre, you told me Ragnar executed the piece. Did he only fabricate the parts, and then the plumber assembled it? Just curious…

  3. Nobody’s gonna be able to leave an upper decker in that tank!

    Less snarkily, congratulations, it looks fantastic.

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  7. I wouldn’t worry about the resale value, people in San Francisco remodel their kitchen, bathroom either or not the previous owner spent 200 grand before reselling it. I have done multiple remodels where everything was brand new…I love to tear down a boring freshly remodel kitchen or bath. This bathroom however would give me pause…I even see giving the owner the advice of keeping it for future resale. Anyway it was an unusual project and i loved doing it.

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  9. I was looking for remodeling ideas and found this… WOW! Love it! The only thing I would change is the white flush pull… I’d replace it with a big old chandelier crystal. 🙂

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