Star Sighting: Nancy Pelosi Visits Bernalwood

Celebrity Alert!

Bernal Heights was sooooo Inside the Beltway on Tuesday night, as SF Supervisor (and amateur paparazzi) Eric Mar reports that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi dropped in for a house call:

Democratic Leader Pelosi speaks briefly to local Democratic Party leaders at the home of David Onek and Kara Dukakis in Bernal Heights.

PHOTO: Eric Mar

6 thoughts on “Star Sighting: Nancy Pelosi Visits Bernalwood

  1. sure hope they asked her about any new laws she’s passed to help out her buddies at Visa. what conflict of interest???

  2. Whoa, and that’s Mike Dukakas’ daughter, correct? I just moved up—by proxy—from having no political pull, no pretty much no political pull!

  3. Sorry, but she stopped representing this bernal resident a long time ago. She knew about our torture and rendition policies early on and said nothing. She knew of government spying on american citizens and did nothing. She protected war criminals Bush and Cheney from any form of accountability, which to me makes her compliant. And she knowingly took advantage of congressional inside trading shennanigans, which though legal, were clearly unethical. I offer a loud boo in her direction.

  4. Ever since Nancy Pelosi became speaker (and now minority leader), she forgot all about the needs of San Francisco.

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