Bernal Hill Makes Cameo Appearance Amid Muni Bus Mayhem

Our transit agency encountered a teensy-weensy glitch yesterday, when a Muni bus took out a fire hydrant on Valencia near Cesar Chavez. Ooopsie! As you can see, Sutrito Tower witnessed the whole thing.

Meanwhile, in the category of “Finding Beauty in Chaos,” cyril_at_sf captured these lovely photos from the accident scene:

PHOTOS: Top, The Fog Bender (via MissionMission). Below, Cyril_at_sf

3 thoughts on “Bernal Hill Makes Cameo Appearance Amid Muni Bus Mayhem

  1. My friend, Beto Jimenez, has his food truck right there… the northeast corner. Did he get soaked?

    • I don’t think so. The water was just going up and then down to Cesar Chavez. As you can see in the 2nd picture, the firefighter (or waterfighter?) was standing close to the food truck.

      BTW, I’m glad you liked those photographs!

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